I want a tablet.

- 11 inch
- Desktop Chrome
- Android apps
- Netflix FHD HDR

It does not exist.


Oh I forgot 3:2 screen. 3:2 screen is very important. 4:3 is horrible for Netflix, 16:9 horrible for everything else.

16:10 idk about

Surface devices seem super nice. They have 3:2 screens. They have Netflix in FHD. They have desktop Chrome. They run Windows. Hmm. Also no offline prime video support, because no app.

@juliank I looked into this for my new laptop - a Surface Book is really nice. You can install Linux on it, but you need some terrible out-of-tree kernel that interacts with the system ME in interesting ways and is semi-regularly broken by i915 module changes…

@RAOF Surface Go however should work fine from what I heard, and is a cute little thing.

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