Dino 0.1 is released! 🎉

Dino is a secure and open-source application for decentralized messaging. It uses the XMPP (“Jabber”) protocol and is interoperable with other XMPP clients and servers. We aim to provide an intuitive, clean and modern user interface.

Release blog post: dino.im/blog/2020/01/dino-0.1-

"allowing you continue the same conversation on your mobile phone as well as on your desktop. Messages you sent and received while Dino was offline are synchronized on start up."

How does that work while also being "interoperable with other XMPP clients and servers."?



As they do in other clients - using XEP-0280 (Message Carbons) and XEP-0313 (Message Archive Management). The former allows you to get messages on multiple devices in parallel, the latter allows you to catch up.


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@juliank @dino It's entirely possible that the XMPP implementations I've tried before either don't handle them properly or not at all.

Glad to hear it's standardized stuff, though.

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