I still have a fully functional, US, Nokia N900 in original packaging with all original accessories in very good condition. I'm a good collector.

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Other phones in the collection:

- Galaxy Nexus bit scratched
- OnePlus One good condition
- OnePlus 3 very good condition
- OnePlus 6 acceptable condition

I think I don't have the Galaxy Nexus packaging anymore, but the original charging station!

The OnePlus should all have packaging and accessories, except for the One's sim tray tool which got lost...

Tablets and weird stuff:
- Nexus 7
- Toshiba AC100, broken

Laptops in the archive:
- HP Compaq 6720s, good condition
- ThinkPad Edge 15 frankensteined
- ThinkPad X230 with 16 GB RAM and SSD and HDD. Crappy thing.

I also have like 3 broken cycling helmets in my closet.

I'd still love to have a N950, but those were never sold :(

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