@mike I hope apps finally stop exiting at random times. They obviously don't crash because no crash dialog thingy, but just close. Maybe some battery saving thingy gone awry

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@juliank I haven't had any issues with that personally. My phone is a Pixel 5, but I dropped it this spring and I stupidly didn't get the insurance, so I'm going to be replacing it this fall with the newest Pixel model (assuming it doesn't suck). So far I mostly have issues with the phone overheating, but usually when it does that I'm outside and it's over 100F/38C. When that happens all sorts of things go awry. When it's running in normal temperatures, it's been pretty stable.

@mike I also did not file a report, because I don't really have actionable data, but probably should. 4a here.

@juliank Yea, I haven't filed any reports either. As far as I can tell, most of my problems are "working as designed" or a result of me not having an adequate case on the thing.

@mike I filed two reports, but none for the apps quitting. One was a duplicate of an existing one.

Filing reports is what I run beta for :D

@juliank I just do the betas so I can try out the new hotness. If I see something egregious I'll put in a report, but for the most part I just want the new stuff.

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