Do you agree:

"The company cares about their employees health and well-being"

No, if they did I wouldn't have less than 30 minutes of non-meeting time between 10:30 in the morning and 2:00 in the afternoon. When exactly the hell am I supposed to eat?


@mike I guess with those times, the German approach would be second breakfast at 10am and lunch at 2pm.

Lunch at 1-2pm is the usual timing here when given free reign.

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@mike there are various alterations. One is main meals at 8,2,8 with snacks in the middle of those segments, at 11 (fruits) and 5 (cake).

Though I do eat dinner at 7 not 8, but it's so unevenly paced :/

@mike luckily I don't have lunch time meetings. Unfortunately, I have dinner time meetings sometimes when I'm in a half vegetative state already.

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