So we need to set background otherwise yellow on white would be unreadable.

So, um, how about this?

@juliank Yes. Linus would've definitely seen that.

(Isn't dash able to let text blink? That'd be helpful for colorblind peeps too)

@juliank I'm assuming this relates to a certain video...?

What exactly are we trying to solve, here? Because no amount of bells and whistles will stand up to the fact that a user ends up in this situation thusly:

1. The user tries to install a package through the package manager.
2. It fails with some arcane error message which the user has no expectation of understanding.
3. The user pastes said error into a web search.
4. The search results tell the user to do what you are trying to prevent.

@juliank That is to say, looking for a solution and finding "run this command in your terminal" is going to take precedence over "are you sure?" because the assumption, given the lack of any other information, is that whatever happens when you run the command is intentional. Given the lack of any other information, "removing an essential package" could just as well be the solution to the user's problem.

@eviloatmeal The color is to make it easier to see removals in the wall of text.

Other behavioral changes should make this more sensible, such that you will have to list essential packages to remove explicitly.

@eviloatmeal This way if you follow some guide that says to install foo, and foo fails because it conflicts with bar, you won't be misguided into removing bar

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