Not sure if I'll make it through episode 1, touching around, and looking at, my phone screen all the time.

@juliank binged it that night. My intention was to fall asleep w something in the background, but I didn't.

Loved ep.5, 24/7, the one in the diner! I have some critiques of the entire thing, but very impressed w the amount of queer characters in the series! I presume the orig is not that overt at least?

@takloufer I don't know the original. Only the other incarnations of Lucifer, Constantine, Astra in the Arrowverse/Lucifer show (well it's all one multiverse, eh).

I'm confused if this has a future and why it got released, it's good but it doesn't align with Warner Discovery's vision for DC comic universe.

@takloufer it'd have been a hell lot fan servicer to keep Matt Ryan's Constantine and Tom Ellis's Lucifer because sigh I love cross overs.

@juliank apparently the source material drifted away from making much reference to the DCU beyond the first volumes as well.

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