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engineers sprinting in Paris to deliver 19.10 and plan Ubuntu 20.04 LTS features in Desktop, Security, FIPS, MAAS, IBM Power & Z, OpenStack, Certified Public Cloud Images, Linux kernel among many other things. canonical.com/careers

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When you write about a generic thing support should be forwarding to responsible teams and they want to talk in private.

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@JulianKlode@twitter.com Sorry to hear about the trouble, @JulianKlode@twitter.com. In order to further assist, please send us a DM with your phone number, so we can follow up.

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Oh yeah, I have voting advise for the Austrians. I played with their tool just for fun.

Booted my OnePlus 3. This feels old, wow. Software feels sluggish and super slow. Gotta upgrade to Pie.

apt pattern parser is super strict now. Narrowing down aptitude's syntax and making it more reliable like this is a good thing.

Because, in aptitude, ?true() equals ?false, and I don't really understand why.

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You can pay for public transit in London just by tapping your bank card. The rates are the same as the Oyster card, and automatically cap your fare if you hit the daily pass amount.

If your city is still trying to implement a public transit card, they're already behind the times

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And who can forget the Nokia N900? The most powerful and advanced phone to have ever been on the planet.

It's got a few very minor scratches but should be fully working, in its original packaging, with all the OEM accessories.

Yes it's one of the earlier models that still had Cyanogen branding. I think it was the second or third batch?

How I loved being able to talk to the people working on my phone's OS and having a real bug tracker.

The classics I guess

- Firefly DVD
- Farscape BD
- The Evil Dead 1-3 BD

I also do have all of X Files' original run on DVD.

This is the graph of my investment in the 'Trade Republic' app. It's from Yesterday. It's trading off the stock market, so the large drop is when the market closed and the spread increased to provide a safety buffer for the market maker.

This leads to the odd effect that each day you see insanely high relative increases to the previous day because the increase is calculated from that price rather than the last price when the market was open.

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A light, quick, cheap solution so good, it should be copied the world over:

The fietsvlonder is a โ€œbike platformโ€ that temporarily swaps one car parking space for 10 bicycles. If deemed a success, the curb is permanently adjusted, and the structure is moved to the next location.

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An Un-identified Rolling Object goes on the attack๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ˜‚

Attaque d'un Objet Roulant Non Identifiรฉ ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ˜‚

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