Eben noch Falkenstein wie quoted, jetzt ist scheinbar der Nürnberg Standort von @Hetzner_Online@twitter.com dran mit kaputten Backbone.

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Störung Backboneverbindung Falkenstein ift.tt/3pvI0ip

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I actually also have graphs for the Mi Band 4 vs the Oura ring. The script needs refactoring to be able to compare Mi Band against Tickr.

From the night before in this case.

I had to smooth the Mi Bands HR output by first filtering out HRs > 70 and then running a rolling average of the last 3 heart rates to get sensible data out of it. It's too jittery.

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Here's an uncorrected graph of heart rate from Kubios, and you can see that the Tickr just measured bananas.

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Oura vs Wahoo Tickr, night 3: No correlation, heck, slightly negative. I think the Wahoo sensor data was b0rked.

Comparative HRV from this night as well correlation graphs for this night and previous night for HRV.

Whoa finally managed to get an HRV reading from Oura. Temperature failed, though. It's too lose atm I suppose.

Had to put my hand on table such that there was no movement. If the hand is not lying down, it doesn't record HRV.

Oura ring vs Wahoo tickr, 5 minute RMSSD intervals. There seems to be some correlation, but arguably it could be better I guess.

So have a look at this sleep, that was fairly good sleep I'd say, at least until ~6 or so, seems I had "finished" sleeping but forced 2 hours more out of it.

Oura says I was 2 hours awake and had no REM sleep, so sleep was terrible.

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Oura ring, night 1. vs Mi Band 4 in Notify for Mi Band.

Terrible night. Brain tried to trick me twice to get up by letting me dream a later time than it really way.

Cannot put apps into English, so German screenshots it is.

WarnWetter rain radar showed 2 hours of no rain, so I did go outside for a ride and got really nice weather.

Man I was tired this morning. Not good sleep, but good hair. Well at least for photos.

Project mainline is a massive degradation in update guarantee for Pixel phones. Back in the old days, there was a patch day, you got the patch.

Now there are two patches and you might not get the Play system update one for months. I think it was 3 months old at one point.

I did mount some accessories to the bike today before the lunch test ride.

Sadly don't have my outfront mount for the Bolt here.

But Knog Oi and Crane E-Ne make a good pair.

So I was going for a double my usual ride on Saturday, after which HRV spiked and HR went down the next day, and reversed the following day.

Then it recovered to high levels on Tuesday and I went cycling Tue, Wed at normal/low intensity. Thu was HRV down day and rest day :)

Today, I only slept like 6 hours and HRV is back to the top again. Weird.

NBD. Hopefully we'll meet more friendly road cyclists than my hybrid bike and me. Scratched seatpost is meh.

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