My network topology. I think I should get a Fritz!Box do the whole IPv6 prefix delegation, switch out the UniFi switch for a MikroTik router, and then flash OpenWRT on the UniFi WiFi 6 Lite APs. More freeeeeeeeeeeeeedom.

But too lazy and not out of warranty yet.

4 bags of green tea. Really gotta get through them, but mostly busy playing with coffee now.

Occasionally, the grinder grinds, and I've played around and made caffe creme.

Heh my Wahoo Tickr was in the washing machine again so I went to the local running shop and got a Polar H10. I don't run, and it's 20€ more expensive than online but oh well, I most likely won't be without a HR sensor tomorrow.

Temperatur graphs inside vs. outside. Büro (office) is actually bedroom over the weekend/nights; it's the smartmi purifier I carry between the rooms.

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