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@metaswirl Compression is quite useful:

Type Perc Disk Usage Uncompressed Referenced
TOTAL 62% 16G 27G 28G
none 100% 12G 12G 13G
zstd 28% 3.9G 14G 15G

I have switched back from XFS on thin volumes to btrfs for /.

So currently on btrfs we have / and /srv/lxd; and on xfs we have /home.


> default-sample-format = s32le

Makes PulseAudio use 32-bit audio, which is convenient if you go around EQ it, and doesn't really cost much performance.

> default-sample-rate = 44100
> alternate-sample-rate = 96000

Allows it to switch from 44.1 kHz to 96 kHz, in case you have hirez FLACS to play :)

Waiting for Apple to run out of partner fabs and just buy their own ones to produce SoCs

What characters can you relate to? Some of my favorites clearly are Sheldon Cooper, Wesley Crusher, Spock, and Data. Oh well, any Vulcan really, I suppose.

Bugs reported today:

Chrome renders twice as slow as Firefox for Ubuntu's update_excuses.html

Mobile chrome hangs up loading local COVID stats, Firefox just works:

Tablets and weird stuff:
- Nexus 7
- Toshiba AC100, broken

Laptops in the archive:
- HP Compaq 6720s, good condition
- ThinkPad Edge 15 frankensteined
- ThinkPad X230 with 16 GB RAM and SSD and HDD. Crappy thing.

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Other phones in the collection:

- Galaxy Nexus bit scratched
- OnePlus One good condition
- OnePlus 3 very good condition
- OnePlus 6 acceptable condition

I think I don't have the Galaxy Nexus packaging anymore, but the original charging station!

The OnePlus should all have packaging and accessories, except for the One's sim tray tool which got lost...

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I still have a fully functional, US, Nokia N900 in original packaging with all original accessories in very good condition. I'm a good collector.

Why don't we have black and white eink-style monitors for coding and website reading? Like that'd be super useful!

When will I cycle outdoors again?

Today's ride was nice.

Let's go guess...

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