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Here's my latest English change:

I split the string.
I splat the string.
I have splut the string.

Aligning split past tenses with swim.

Instead of Black Friday, why not have a Black Lives Matter Friday?

@ij Anwesenheit besser gesagt Abwesenheit des Dialogs reicht da schon aus.

I've now got an AWS vs Fastly benchmark from my Vodafone ex Unitymedia connection. Super crazy.

Aside from party, I donate

20€/mo for CO2 compensation
3$/mo for mastodon
5$/mo for happycow
5€/mo for Wikimedia (starting 2021)

Maybe I should have donated 60€/year instead of 5€/month, but I like distributing payments as much as possible :/

@clacke The text in section 13 is in both licenses, in the opposite directions, essentially. @jwildeboer @wizzwizz4 @robby

@jwildeboer Or in other words: It's also a common verb, you might miss important stuff!

@clacke The wording is explicitly *not* allowing a relicensing to AGPL 3.

It allows you to add the restriction to the combination as such, but you'll still receive the covered work subject to the GPL-3, not the AGPL-3.

Which gives you the freedom to take it back out of a combined work and reintegrate it into another GPLed work.

@jwildeboer @wizzwizz4 @robby

@robby It has notable impact in that you can then simply take the source code and make all your changes AGPL-only, which is something the language in the GPL is supposed to limit.

@jwildeboer @wizzwizz4

@robby That's technically not correct. It says:

The terms of this License will continue to apply to the part which is the covered work, but the special requirements of the GNU Affero General Public License, section 13, concerning interaction through a network will apply to the combination as such.

@jwildeboer @wizzwizz4

@zhenech I feel like end date would be highly unusual in this linguistic context.

I made ginger tea with pepper and it's quite strong, and a litre of it.

@bremner Excerpts of artists I've seen live and enjoyed

Bryan Adams
Bon Jovi
Ian Anderson
John Fogerty
REO Speedwagon

I've also seen Kansas, but that was not exactly optimal.

To be fair, when I saw them, they were all old whitehaired dudes.

Today I've been listening on headphones to one of my favorite albums, Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits.

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