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I believe that's a bug in the GPL-3, an appropriate legal notice should not be required to include the "no warranty bits".

Why is it not an appropriate legal notice? It only contains a copyright notice and the "licensed under GPL-3" bits, but not the "no warranty" part.

On a related note, you can redistribute DNS66 binaries without source code, as the binaries include a link to their source code and the copyright statement.

The copyright statement in the "About" screen is NOT an "appropriate legal notice" as defined by the GPL and might hence be omitted.

Other copyright statements and license are distributed with the apk, but they're not visible, as they are a text file inside the apk (which is a zip archive really).

Filed a DMCA take down notice today over a GPL violation.

Hmm, there's a cut on my finger. When did that happen?

One of my favorite German words is "inwiefern", meaning "in what way".

I think the MPL is basically the best copyleft license. It's short, easy to read, and easier to follow than the (A)GPL.

The optimal license I guess would be a copyleft Apache 2.0 variant, though.

I'm considering switching to US keyboards longer term. Should be a bit more efficient, and key combinations actually work sensibly.

Pro Tip: Don't open Saturdays from 10 to 14, open from 12 to 16 or 14 to 18 or something.

~14 is the time I'm done with breakfast and catching up with the internet, so I'm not going to be visiting your business before that.

I was like oh sweet, newer season of family guy appeared on prime video de. But then it got weird, because their season 16 is season 15 on Netflix, and I already watched it.

The reason being that season 4 on Amazon starts with the final episode of season 13, When You Wish Upon a Weinstein, and ends with 4x10 Model Misbehavior.


So I want to highlight emails send directly to me (To/Cc) in neomutt. What do I need to do?

OK, spent 2080 km on the bike, and the chain, this year so far (started in February). Before I started cycling this year, I brought it to the shop for a checkup and chain replacement.

It's probably time for another one checkup and chain replacement, and I also need new break pads.

It's not going to be super cheap, but it's going to be a happy bike shop.

MasterCard just blocking two Venezuelan banks and planning to block more due to US sanctions on Venezuela tells us that we need a solution to payment that can be blocked by Trump whenever he likes.

Building a decentralised card system should not be that hard. Maybe with magstripe it is, but chip card or smartphones with NFC, it could just embed the location of the card network, and then bank groups could have their own networks?

The problem obviously being that if you lose a million because overdraft interest was up to two times higher than it has been, you were probably heading for bankruptcy anyway.

Yes the bank took more money than they were entitled to. But blaming them solely for the portrayed bankruptcies seems wrong.

FWIW, it is very one sided.

Most of the small businesses defrauded here were defrauded by contiously using their overdraft, and the Sparkassen charging up to two times the legal interest on that.

Then there's the guy they can pay to tell them that and then they can sue the Sparkasse and be somewhat happy that it was not there fault that their company became bankrupt.

But nobody's asking why they were in overdraft all the time and not refinancing. Easy marks.

Given an inflation of ~1.8% p.a., starting to accept credit card means you'll have to raise prices about 3 months earlier than you'd have if you just continued to only accept cash.

This does not account for cash becoming less expensive, as there's less around; and people buying a lot more with card than they would with cash.

One reason Germany is so far behind is the nationalist Girocard standard pushed by those despicable Sparkassen and Volksbanken.

They only offer those cards by default, and they provide a ton of card readers and use their market force to force out any competition by pricing other card types substantially higher than the Girocard.

We're already seeing substantial increase in credit card network acceptance in Germany (both debit and credit mastercard and visa), which is a start, but we're still miles behind more developed countries like UK, Hungary, or Brazil.

Acceptance of common electronic payment schemes should be mandatory.

Banks must be restricted from charging more than 150% of the interbanking exchange fees for card transactions to merchants, this is 0.45% for credit, and 0.3% for debit card.

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