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$ grep VERSION= /etc/os-release
VERSION="21.04 (Hirsute Hanimal)"

What's the Hanimal going to be, friends?

The Sony Xperia 1 II basically completely destroys the Pixels and iPhones in low light lab setting.

It's much sharper.

Strangely enough, it's more blurry in daylight and loses out.

You really want to turn X-Tended Dynamic Range off, and I guess turn reality creation on so it creates some graining.

The thing with X DR is that it would increase the visibility of artifacts, and you don't want that.

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FWIW, the Redmi 9 is now Android Enterprise Recommded, with 2 years of updates guaranteed (so until June 2022), but no update schedule.

Similar the Redmi Note 9 Pro is guaranteed updates until May 2022.

A flagship Sony TV is kind of necessary to watch Star Trek DS9 and Voyager.

I've also went ahead and updates my midrange smartphone spreadsheet:

Considering re-grading battery, as a minimum of 2 (in German school notes - 1 best, 6 worst), is not super useful.

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So, you can now search for update frequency and end of updates on the Android Enterprise solutions directory, making this your one stop to find your next phone.


Also well no, it might also just be that vegan gouda and cheddar substitutes will now be called

vegan slices "dutch style" and "british style".

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The good news is that the EU parliament still allows us to say vegan burgers, or vegan sausage.

The dairy industry is more powerful than the meat industry.

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Now that we can no longer say vegan slices cheddar style or vegan slices gouda style we have to say

vegan cheddr and vegan goudy.

Google replaced all favicons, and now I can't find the right tabs.

It's winter which means I have to use my fan to blow air on my washed clothes so they actually get a chance to dry.

Otherwise they'd take like 5 days or so to dry.

Which seems to be the reason why Facebook and Instagram seems to have locked me out all the time.

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I got confused, and maybe Chrome did a bit, because I had two "User-Agent Switcher" installed and one was malware, while the other was not, and the Malware one was _not_ disabled on the desktop, whereas the good one was. Chromebook was behaving correctly.

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Google Chrome hilariously blocks Google's own User-Agent Switcher because it "contains malware".

What's up with that?

The Pixel 4a does a lot of stuff in your pocket. Try to enter passwords, dial your emergency contacts.

Wondering why it doesn't use the proximity sensor to disable the screen when in a pocket.

This is somewhat problematic. It's not helped by the screen turning on while putting it in the pocket because the phone thinks it's being lifted up.

(AOD is on)

Waiting for Apple to ban ownCloud because it allows you to run apps in your cloud.

Saying they won't have negative interest a year ago, now having negative interest.


Bei wird es auch in Zukunft keine geben, trotz Niedrigzinsumfeld der


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