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Carism, like Carnism, is a toxic ideology that pretends cars are normal, necessary, and nice.

Many people are caught in it. Not the Dutch, not the poor countries where people can't afford cars in the first place. But the rest of the world predominantly subscribes to that toxic dangerous ideology, and they don't even recognize it

I believe fwupd should talk to grub instead of manipulating UEFI boot order itself. Much more tested approach.

Sigh. fosshost and freenode joining forces.

List of sponsors that need to be informed so they can reconsider their involvement with this hate group.

My bikes like to ride the regional train because they can stand around looking cool. I prefer the ICE, with less stops and WiFi, but the bikes have to hang in there and they don't want too hang around places.

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Finished this wild debugging session into grub/xenial/arm64. Madness.

Yes I know the graph says Tickr, but it's actually Mi Band.

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I actually also have graphs for the Mi Band 4 vs the Oura ring. The script needs refactoring to be able to compare Mi Band against Tickr.

From the night before in this case.

I had to smooth the Mi Bands HR output by first filtering out HRs > 70 and then running a rolling average of the last 3 heart rates to get sensible data out of it. It's too jittery.

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Gotta buy a Polar H10, I guess? And some contact gel? Moar (Health) (Data) Science !

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The Tickr also, if you just knock on it will spike R-R intervals and get jittery for like 5 seconds. Which doesn't help if you want to measure sleep time HRV (or HR).

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Here's an uncorrected graph of heart rate from Kubios, and you can see that the Tickr just measured bananas.

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Oura vs Wahoo Tickr, night 3: No correlation, heck, slightly negative. I think the Wahoo sensor data was b0rked.

I have now dropped my FreeNode account - juliank - if you are still there beware of impersonators.


This just happened to on freenode. Needless to say, the "old gang" just reassembled on on

Whatever the staff were hoping to achieve spectacularly backfired.

Freenode is dead to me.


I disconnected from freenode o/

-* are now on Libera. Join us.

This correlates the individual 5 minute segments. Correlation for yesterday r=0.789, today r=0.624

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Comparative HRV from this night as well correlation graphs for this night and previous night for HRV.

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