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Also you need like time series database and grafana to analyse all historical states in your home, no?

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Like I think Haskell provides the optimal foundation for home automation, you just need to write a nice MQTT monad, and then you can build composable systems that are strongly typed.

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Why even have an mqtt broker if you only have a single central process as your subscriber and publisher?

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So why do people do home automation with like mqtt and node red and don't just write it in Haskell?

Or Erlang

After factory reset, a session looked better.

There was more agreement in direction between Inspire 2 and Tickr, but overall, Inspire 2 and Mi Band 4 yielded basically the same average.

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I ordered a Fitbit Inspire 2 to try to improve accuracy compared to my Mi band 4, but this thing is a mess.

I get up, it completely loses control.

Before the reboot in an earlier session you can see it was lost completely already:

Just walking around the house, feeding the cat, putting pizza in the oven, at the end loading the dishwasher, nothing super crazy.

I had considered coming to MiniDebConf in Regensburg, but I'm moving the weekend before, so it's not a good fit.

WhatsApp provides 2FA pin. But then it asks you for it randomly, forcing you to open your password manager and paste it. Sigh.

Sigma Sports, Wiggle, and Probikekit all have DDP delivery, so taxes are pre-paid.

Probikekit you'll need some patience as Fedex Cross Border is an excruciatingly slow process; in the same time you could have gotten a 2nd delivery from Sigma after ordering it after the first one got delivered :D

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Ordering so much shit from the UK because nobody in Germany (or EU even) is selling it, or it's substantially more expensive.

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I actually ordered the same road cycling shoe in 2 sizes (well half sizes) and 2 widths. It actually is available in 3 widths, albeit on 2 different lasts only. Not from my seller, though.

We'll see if any of them fits. Shoes are haaaaaaaaaaaaaard

No, gi, there should not be any calls between import statements, why are you so awful?

import gi # type: ignore

gi.require_version("Secret", "1")
from gi.repository import Secret # type: ignore

8:9 is a decent resolution for coding, and 16:9 gives us two of those.

4:3 only gives us 2:3 and that's a bit too narrow for me.

OK, so activity tracking with my Notify for Fitness is broken with Android 12. GPS is off, distance totally.

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Minimum requirements for security updates should be 5 years for smartphones and other pocket sized electronics. 10 years for tablets, laptops, TVs, Blu-ray Players, and electronics not powered by battery.

Vacuum robots with cameras to detect and avoid objects lying around on the floor are counter productive.

Being forced to clean up your floors is one of the major side benefits of a vacuum robot.

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