Just asked Dell Ireland on Twitter to please explain to me why the exact same XPS 13 computer costs €630 more when it ships with Ubuntu – a free and open source operating system – than when it does with Windows 10.


(I can only imagine it’s a typo and will be fixed. Otherwise, there are lots and lots of questions to be asked.)




@aral in Germany the configuration with Ubuntu is cheaper than the configuration with Windows, which makes more sense given that you have pay Microsoft for a license of Windows


@julianruf @aral Same in France.

It's just a bug (Dell's website is full of bugs and typos).

@mlcdf Yeah it’s most probably a bug / typo. There’s even one in my screenshot as someone has pointed out. For one of the XPS13‘s it says 39,6cm which would be 15 inch.

@julianruf @aral Hmmm why is the other 39,6 cm and the other 33,78 cm?

@Stoori @aral

Good catch! To be honest I don’t know whether this is another typo or whether they have different varieties which are not all available in all countries.

However, with another configuration and identical display sizes it still seems to be the case that Ubuntu based notebooks are less expensive than Windows ones


@Stoori @aral thinking about this again this has to be another typo on the first of my screenshots, because 39,6cm would be 15inch and thus can’t be a 13 inch XPS13 which it is according to the rest of the description

@artixx I‘m interested in this as well, but I think we need to ask @aral who is in contact with Dell and the original poster :)

@julianruf @artixx Barton, who leads Project Sputnik, is trying to get it sorted with Dell Ireland. They told him it was but last I checked it wasn’t. He’s on it.

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