This kind of complaining about a really fair price for an app that you use daily (it’s less than you have to pay for some cups of coffee) and thereby indirectly creating the expectation that apps have to be „free“ is so harmful to entire app eco-system

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@julianruf especially third party email apps... If they're free, they're probably monetizing it some other way and you should be wary

@masklayer @julianruf they absolutely are monetizing it somehow, usually advertising, but sometimes super ways. Honestly, if you want the best productivity app, you should consider it a bonus that they have a pay wall because that means the company has a financial plan and will exist in 2 years to keep your app updated

@masklayer That’s true. I mean I’m generally a bit paranoid about most third party email apps since most of them route the emails over their servers to provide push functionality, but being „free“ definitely triggers even more alarm bells in my head.

@julianruf @masklayer
What's that quote? "When for-profit companies give away software for free, you are the product" or something like that? Definitely sketchy.

@Christian I think you’re right about the quote and its meaning.

Another effect of „free“ I also had in mind is that this decreases the incentives for developers to develop an app and thus we’re left with an incredibly small amount of apps, which in turn kills any kind of choice and competition.

@julianruf yes, $5 is cheap if it fills a genuine need. People forget that a few decades ago, one used to have to buy boxed software costing way more than that.

@mortonfox Totally agree. This kind of app is nothing I’m interested in personally, but if would be of value to me $5 would be a steal.

Yep. That's the same kind of thinking that lead mobile games from costing $1-$5 for a really great experience (usually with a"lite" version to try before you buy) to godawful "free" games like Candy Crush and Clash of Clans with IAPs.

@julianruf Totally agree, everything takes labor time to make so it should be paid for accordingly.

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