Pro tip: if a band uses playback, the instruments on stage should also be part of the song, because otherwise it looks ridiculous

@julianruf You mean lip sync right? But yes, definitely :)

@maher Of course :) In Germany many people just refer to this kind of thing as playback, maybe because the „Mini Playback Show“ was super popular here in the 90s

@julianruf Yes, in the Netherlands it's the same (I believe the Playbackshow was a Dutch invention, sorry about that).

So weird that the Germans and Dutch decided to use a different word, but borrowed it from English.

@maher Yeah, it’s strange, but since at least we Germans are really good in making up English words (f.e. mobile phone = handy) I can’t really say that I’m surprised :)

@julianruf @maher

I often watch videos of Dutch and German pop music and even with modern ones regularly see this with completely different instruments to those on the music (still common on Schlager/Volksmusik videos, amusing to see people playing electric guitars, keyboards etc 1km up a mountain with no obvious source of power, or any way of connecting the instruments together 😆 )

(this also happened with UK music TV shows in 1970s onwards but such shows seem less common today)

@vfrmedia @maher

Yep, Pop / Schlager / Volksmusik in Germany is the worst. I’ve seen some of the Saturday evening prime-time music shows covering these genres. About 90% is lip sync, wrong instruments, instruments not connected to power source, no microphones at / on the instruments, singers missing the point where they have to start moving their lips, …

The Schlager / Volksmusik stuff on the mountains is hilarious as well

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