I can remember how pirating songs and movies got less and less attractive from 2003 onwards because platforms like iTunes managed to make buying things more convenient than pirating them.

According to this article we’re now seeing the resurgence of piracy due to growing amount of exclusive content on different streaming platforms …

@julianruf something not really mentioned in this article is the increase to copyright terms (again) which waters down the whole concept of a "limited monopoly" even more.
Stupid rules are meant to be broken.

@wpgne You’re probably right that there are other forces amplifying this resurgence in the background. However I still believe that the fact that you were able to buy everything from one place (like iTunes) was one of the major things that drove people away from pirating.

@julianruf yes, I do agree with that point as well.

@SlowRain Me too. And probably every person who is not running a streaming platform.

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