And the award for the cover of the week goes to … Bloomberg!

@julianruf Blegh, making fun of Zuck for being apparently autistic is so low. It's like mocking people for their body parts.

I mean, Zuck is a jerk and deserves to be mocked, but not for this reason and not in this way.

@JordiGH @julianruf That is indeed one way to read it, and I agree it's low.

However, another is that the constant "apologies" are just part of the machine that is Facebook, which is a VERY apt and spot-on critique.

And the fact is, due to Zuck being the face of the company, making the apologies, it's gonna be hard to make the latter point without also implying the former.

My heart of stone says fuck it, he brought this upon himself.

@HerraBRE @JordiGH also cc @charlag

Upon a second inspection of the cover I have to admit that the way I’ve interpreted it (similar to @HerraBRE latter point) isn’t the only way to interprete this cover

Mocking people for how they are or making people feel bad about themselves never was my intention when sharing this cover, I simply didn’t see that that this cover can also be seen in this light

@Shamar It's not Zuck's feelings we care about. It's other people like him who exhibit similar autistic-like personality traits that don't deserve to be mocked in a similar way just for those personality traits.

@Shamar @julianruf @HerraBRE @JordiGH it doesn't matter if he is diagnosed or not.
If he was thick and people would say look at this FAT FUCK would it be okay for people with some weight?
If people started saying THAT JEW (they do actually) would it be okay?
His appearance traits is not what he (or anyone) should be pointed at for. He's build a giant surveillance machine which kills the internet and many other things, isn't that enough? Why should we pick up "HAHA HES ROBOT" thing?

@Shamar @julianruf @HerraBRE @JordiGH I do not emphasize with Zuck. I told it multiple times. "Message that people understand" is not an exception for bigoty and hate.
If you think that it's fine to normalize such a perception then I don't want to have this conversation anymore.

@Shamar @julianruf @HerraBRE @JordiGH (exactly because people *do not* understand the issue I would like newspapers and such be more thoughtful about this)

@Shamar @charlag @julianruf @HerraBRE @JordiGH The distance between Zuck and other people is measured mainly by the size of his bank account and his amount of access to personal data.

Mocking him may be amusing, but I don't think that would be an effective way to put people off of using Facebook. People don't use Facebook because of Zuck. They don't use it because they trust him (mostly they don't). They don't even use it because it's convenient (the UI is horrible and cluttered).

Facebook isn't so much about Zuck, although his original creepyness did frame all subsequent development of the platform. It's more of a web architecture phenomena. If Zuck retired tomorrow (he could easily afford to) someone else would take his place with the same web 2.0 stuff. So the silo issue is not just about a few "crony capitalists".

@Shamar You're very uncaring and seem to lack empathy for others. I can see why you've been banned from other forums.

I'm considering blocking you on Masto too.

@Shamar You've flooded this thread arguing with people and seem to care little if any of us want to keep arguing with you while you mock, misrepresent, and misunderstand our viewpoints.

@Shamar I'm Mexican. I know what macho just-a-joke bro cultures are like. This isn't a cultural misunderstanding. You are just being a jerk and unable to apologise or see fault in yourself.

@Shamar You aren't a misunderstood genius. You're just being a jerk.

@JordiGH @Shamar can you please stop comparing autistic people with him? i feel offended

@Shamar @julianruf @HerraBRE @JordiGH as I said, I don't care about Zuck, I care about autistic people out there who see all this mockery.

@Shamar indeed.

if Zuckerberg is hurt by this or anything else he should step down as FB ceo or director, hug his billions of dollars and cry himself to sleep.

@HerraBRE @JordiGH @julianruf the source code here is clearly for him personally not Facebook, and is like exactly anti autistic tropes

@JordiGH @julianruf this. I might not care about Zuck but it may make other people feel really bad about themselves.

@tomas Upon a second inspection which made me realize that there is another way to interpret this than I did, I have to agree that this is walking on a very fine line

@julianruf I had a discussion with someone else on here a while back when people compared the zuck with Data from Star Trek, and I had to point out that unlike Zuckerberg, Data is actually a decent person. We should all strive to emulate Data

@julianruf To me the real question is more... does Facebook has to care?

They seem pretty sure that it has to... somehow.

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