A long-running and fun question, please boost so that we can collect as many answers as possible :)

POLL - Which way do you face when you shower?

@julianruf I mean, I do both. face first, to clean my face, then back, to wash my hair properly.

@maloki That makes sense. I probably should have included an extra option for „both“.

@perflyst This probably falls under „Other“ given how I’ve set up the poll. In hindsight I probably should have included an extra option for „both“.

@julianruf I don't think the question answers are valid. This is serious stuff! :-)

In my experience, this is what actually happens.

@gemlog There’s something to this, at least partially :)

@gemlog Ist mir klar, aber „building up courage to turn off the water and step into cold air“ musste ich einfach spontan zustimmen :)


I (slowly) rotate in the shower, to alternatively face the water and turn my back to it.


@julianruf Face to the water at beginning, wash my face, then back to wash my hair, then front, then stop water, wash my body, then restart water and back and front for rinsing.

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