So I have to select all the languages I don't understand to filter them from my feed? Wouldn't opting in to specific languages be an easier filtering UI?


@lackaff unfortunately I’ve forgotten the details and where it was posted, but I think I’ve once heard that a opt-in solution isn’t feasible / reliable from a technical point of view given the tools that are available

@julianruf It's an interesting problem. The federated timeline seems too massive to interact with regardless of languages, but I imagine local timelines are also unwieldy for larger instances.

@lackaff Absolutely. Some kind of language filtering is definitely needed in order to be able to follow at least the local timeline. In the past the current opt-out solution has worked relatively well, I don’t know why it doesn’t work very well right now.

Opt-in filtering of course would be even cooler but there seem to be too many technical obstacles.

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