Julian Ruf

It’s the small things that make software / products delightful

@julianruf Oh wow, that is super awesome. I want that for Mailpile!

What app is that?

@julianruf why is that bear looking at your password? The polite thing to do would be to look away while you're typing!

@zatnosk Good point! But at least the RememBear team made him look at dots only ;)

@julianruf @zatnosk
Wunder-Bär :)
The dots are one thing. What if the bears smile would widen, the longer your password becomes?
Anyhow. Great feature as it is.

@julianruf thanks. I'll check it out even if I have LastPass atm. I'm more curious about the javascript part to implement it in my own software.

@ccarpo I’m just playing with it right now as well in addition to my normal password manager. Afaik it’s also still in beta.

😀 thank you very much.

yeah the linux client is missing 🙁
and I read that #McAfee bought #TunnelBear. Does anybody know if #RememBear is also owned by McAfee now?

@ccarpo Not sure about the McAfee thing. My personal guess would be that it’s McAfee now as well given that TunnelBear also is the name of the entire company.

Moreover, given that RememBear currently still is in open beta and given that they haven’t announced future pricing yet I wouldn’t use it as my primary password manager right now.

I‘ll however keep an eye on them, because, in principle, it’s a nice product.


@julianruf I don't know what this is, but is is adorable and worthwhile.

@ajroach42 it’s the log-in screen animation of a password manager app called RememBear

@Isoleucine I’m sorry … will do my best to never hurt him again ...

@julianruf tunnelbear is awesome. Its always a pleasure to see the GundamBear on its icon when connecting on the japanese tunnel :v

@cobalto Yeah, Tunnelbear is really good at making cute animations and lots of bear puns. These animations are from their relatively new password manager „RememBear“.

@gergely that’s the log-in screen of the password manager RememBear (remembear.com)

Thatʼs probably the most awesome branding I ever saw…

@julianruf it's also the small things who take long time to male, and who use a lot of power for nothing 😯

@Drulac I don’t think that bringing joy & delight to those who appreciate such things is „for nothing“.

If you however belong to those people who simply do no appreciate such things then it’s of course a waste of power.

@julianruf sorry my aim isn't to hurt you 😯

By saying nothing I understand nothing useful, I may precise it, sorry 😯

@Drulac Don‘t worry! Misunderstandings happen and please forgive me if my response sounded a bit aggressive. That wasn’t my aim.

@ScribbleAddict that’s the log-in screen of the password manager „RememBear“ (remembear.com)

@ScribbleAddict Within the app there are even more cute / good bear animations / drawings and lots of bear puns. It’s a lovely app.

Some examples:

@julianruf I remember when TunnelBear introduced this animation in the beta phase quite vividly. It was a game-changer!

@julianruf I am so glad that someone decided that was worth a developer's and artist's time.

@sydneyfalk It really makes you trying hard not to mistype your password 😉 Or in other words, their plan works !

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