Also irgendwie hätte ich erwartet das OCR mit Scanbot etwas besser funktioniert ...

@JPEG Hi, I think I’ve found another bug: when translating a toot only the first sentence is translated

According to OurWorldInData the richtest 50% are responsible for 86% of global CO2

Also, North America’s CO2 share is approximately three times as high as it’s population share. The shares of Oceania, Europe and Latin America in global CO2 emissions are also greater than their respective population shares.

Völlig unnutzes Wissen:

Die Spamfilter von wurden früher nach Bier(zutaten) benannt

There’s no way I can justify / afford spending 1700$ on this 49inch ultra-wide display by Dell, but it looks awesome

No filters, no post processing. Just the sun, the clouds and the automatic light sensor working perfectly well together.

I’m now beta testing 3 Mastodon apps and I still have Amaroq installed as my main Mastodon app

That’s a lot of Mastodon for a single smartphone 😂

Why the hell did it take me so long to notice that iOS can convert Live Photos into long exposure shots

It seems to work pretty well, even if you just take a Live Photo from a YouTube video on your monitor

Reporting a phishing site and seeing that it’s now blocked on billions of devices (via Google Safe Browsing) feels very good

Big thanks to @SwiftOnSecurity for collecting all required links / steps to do so in a way even a non security guy like me can understand

This kind of complaining about a really fair price for an app that you use daily (it’s less than you have to pay for some cups of coffee) and thereby indirectly creating the expectation that apps have to be „free“ is so harmful to entire app eco-system

Source of picture:

The nice thing about this Apple TV screensaver plugin for Mac is that it saves the videos on the device, which means that I can watch some of the gorgeous and relaxing screensavers whenever I want

Wow, @better now leads the overall list of paid apps in the German Mac App Store

(By the way, I’m a happy customer for quite some time now, so, if you need a tracker blocker for Safari on iOS/macOS you should definetely take a look at it)

The sun shining through trees full of green (and increasingly red/brown) leafs is very beautiful

Near Sindelfingen (Germany) a cow escaped a farm and somehow ended up on top of a garage

(the cow was rescued and is doing well)

Here are some plane trees on a sunny summer day

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