The live version of „Not exactly“ is definitely one of my favorite songs by Deadmau5

I really wish that scheduling emails would be a standard email feature that’s implemented into all email apps and servers

TIL about a cool website showing how planet earth looked like at different points in the past

Tile 1: A person says „computer we have a problem“ holding a red error in her hand

Tile 2: Computer with happy face says: „Don’t worry I can troubleshoot“

Tile 3: Computer with thinking face holds a magnifying glass, text „… detecting problem…“

Tile 4: Computer with friendly face, text „…detection complete…“

Tile 5: Computer with happy face says „I don’t know what I am doing“

I didn’t know that there’s a term for it („conversational narcissism“), but this article is a nice reminder of how destructive such behavior can be

„What all of these people needed was for me to hear them and acknowledge what they were going through. Instead, I forced them to listen to me and acknowledge me.“

Analyzing athletes during different sport events researchers came to the conclusion that the long-term upper limit of human endurance is „2.5 times the body’ resting metabolic rate, or 4,000 calories a day for an average person“

This story about the massive drop of traffic to a news site after Google has updated its search algorithm really shows how dependent those sites are on traffic from Google

It’s always hard to predict whether something like this will work or not, but in principle Mozillas idea to become less dependent on Google by offering a subscription service that could also include online storage or a VPN is interesting

Some US teens have started to use AirDrop to create temporary „social networks“ that aren’t blocked by school administrators

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Was die Welt dringend bräuchte: Mehr Vorbilder und Leitfiguren, die für gute Ideen begeistern können und überzeugen, ohne aufzuwiegeln und zu spalten.

@mastonaut Hi, I just want to let you know that when you have less than 50 characters left when writing a toot, the character count is very hard to see.

TIL that „as far as the U.S. government is concerned, if you’re playing basketball while wearing Chucks, you’re dribbling in your slippers.“ 

GMX bietet jetzt endlich eine 2-Faktor-Authentifizierung an. Bei wird es in den nächsten Wochen freigeschaltet.

Den Zwang bei Aktivierung von 2FA eine Telefonnummer angeben zu müssen finde ich allerdings nicht gerade toll …

A new study suggests that publishers don’t really benefit from showing behavioral ads as opposed to non-behavioral ads, because most of the premium brands pay for behavioral ads end up in the pockets of ad-tech

Or to put it another way, if this study is right then the claim that behavioral ads are needed to support the free web is wrong

@lattedrift I think you have to open the profile page of one user on the instance you want to block, then click on the three dots in the upper right and chose „hide everything from …"


I’m looking forward to testing @telephant as well, but since I don’t really have any experience with building apps myself and they currently don’t offer an installer for macOS I haven’t been able to try it yet.

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