Nichts neues, aber super amüsant geschrieben, ziemlich wahr und passend für praktische jede Branche in der es Projekte gibt

@thomas Dieses Gesicht habe ich wenn unsere Kaffeemaschine von der gleichen Firma in regelmäßigen Abständen nicht tut weil mal wieder irgendwas verstopft ist … (das Bild kommt bei unserer Maschine aber nicht)

7 years ago the yield for 10yr Greek bonds peeked at over 35%, today people are paying Greece money for the privilege of lending them cash

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There can be no more complicated election process than that for the Doge of Venice after the regulations introduced in 1268:

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@byllgrim I don’t know why but I never got accustomed to „T9“. What helped me typing fast back then was the physical feedback of the mechanical keyboard.

@vfrmedia What I can also imagine is that many municipalities are not interested in putting up warning signs because the signs would reduce the amount of money municipalities get from speeding tickets.

From the point of view of security this is bonkers, but as many municipalities are cash-strapped they might have an incentive to do so.

A study has found out that some people are now able to approximately type as fast on a smartphone as they can on a keyboard

Surprising and somehow not surprising at all given how much we tend to use our smartphones

@vfrmedia Putting up a warning sign everywhere is clever, I haven’t seen this very often in Germany

@SlowRain I’m not sure whether it’s even possible to drive fast enough on the sections without traffic jams such that I don’t lose time compared to my preferred timeframe during which traffic isn’t that bad 🤔

@SlowRain You can choose between a fine and having to wait. Therefore no special exemptions for teachers are needed, I’m sorry 😛

I‘m an office worker, but I probably would choose the fine because when I don’t start & end my work within a certain timeframe the traffic is so bad that I would lose lots of additional time on the road.

@vfrmedia Speeding for fun is another problem. It’s definitely tempting (and I’m way older than 17 as well). On my way to work there are lots of cameras as well, but many people know exactly where they are located and only change their driving behavior in proximity of them. Otherwise almost everyone tends to drive a bit faster than allowed.

@vfrmedia Good points. You’re right, the effectiveness of this measure will be determined by how well it is enforced. But that’s a problem we have with traditional measures like cameras as well (they can’t be everywhere because they’re terribly expensive).

One aspect I like about this idea besides learning about the /why/ is that for some people it might be even more effective to talk to them instead of just fining them.

It'll be interesting to see whether this has the desired effect, but making speeding less attractive by forcing speeders to take a mandatory break of 20-45min (instead of paying a fine) is an interesting idea

@z428 Das mit der fehlenden Unvorsichtigkeit ist mir auch schon mal passiert ... leider ... zum Glück ging es noch relativ glimpflich aus.

I’ve just realized that 2019 and therefore also another decade will be over in 3 months

Some researchers noticed that a lady octopus changed her colors while sleeping. They believe that this is the result of the octopus dreaming about hunting, because the sequence of colors is very similar to how octopi change their colors while hunting.



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