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I made a new bot ! It uses ✨machine learning✨ (aka black magic) to generate famous paintings, in the "style" of a different painter

I don’t agree with everything in this post about the new European copyright law, but these two ideas are probably true:

- a Copyright directive should "leverage the Internet instead of fight it“
- "power on the Internet flows from controlling demand, not supply“

Wow, @better now leads the overall list of paid apps in the German Mac App Store

(By the way, I’m a happy customer for quite some time now, so, if you need a tracker blocker for Safari on iOS/macOS you should definetely take a look at it)

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If Donald Knuth started a conference on innovations in typesetting, he could invite people to give...

( •_•)>⌐■-■

... TᴱX talks.

I am so sorry

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Tootastic lil :mastodon: mascot for y'all! Plushie by @doomyflo & fun #StopMotion #Plushie by me. Invite your friends to

Next post this weekend will include their lil outfit!
#CreativeToots :mastoart: #MastoArt #Art

Hatte zwar nie so ein intensives Verhältnis zum Fußball wie der Autor, aber die von ihm geäußerte Frustration empfinde ich auch immer mehr

I can’t escape the feeling that parts of what happened online was hugely detrimental to the goal of avoiding the new copyright laws:

- (hyper) aggressive language
- painting a non-nuanced end-of-the-world scenario
- insulting, not arguing with proponents
- automated / non-personalized messages
- death threats
- calling and pressuring relatives

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Thx for your interest!

I wanted it to be available on most (all?) OS, so it's basically a webapp, in can be run directly in the browser and/or hosted in an electron app (so Mac, Linux, Win).

(the screens I show is the electron version, but I use a web browser when working on it)

But it's still a desktop focused app, inspired by the early desktop version of tweetdeck (the old one, before twitter bought it).

And also a way for me to test some ideas when it will be "functional". 🙂

The sun shining through trees full of green (and increasingly red/brown) leafs is very beautiful

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This is a reminder that people can’t fix what they don’t know about.

This reminder applies equally to companies who make the things you use, coworkers, friends, and partners.

A platform-agnostic AirDrop functionality that's pre-installed on every operating system would really be terrific

Near Sindelfingen (Germany) a cow escaped a farm and somehow ended up on top of a garage

(the cow was rescued and is doing well)

Just made the following observation:

When sites A/B test headlines and you save as an article as pdf, the headline of the article and the headline used for naming the file can be different

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'Why were you digging in the dirt with the turkeys a minute ago? You're a cat, not a turkey.'

The Boy: *shocked expression for 3 minutes*


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Social media is a fantastic tool to publicly criticize companies for broken or badly designed products & appalling support.

What we see too little of: praise for companies that try to do the right thing, without you having to start a huge fuzz on social media first.

So, here's a thread to say thank you to all the companies that respect you as a customer and deserve some credit.

Here are some plane trees on a sunny summer day

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