If anyone here has Radio 4 access, my latest play (which is fucking INSANE) goes out today at 2.15pm GMT. All feedback welcome. It'll be on iPlayer shortly after broadcast. And I advise listening on headphones if you can. bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08kvnfg

Hi all. I'm currently mainly pouet-ing from juliansimpson@octodon.social so please follow THAT version of me from your accounts here.

Well, as a work avoidance tool, Mastodon is already proving the equal of any other social network out there.

It's hard to know if Social is going to get overwhelmed and too noisy or if the other instances are going to be like Betamax (ask your parents) and be better but ultimately die out.

trigger warning for tedium 

Lunchtime, and shit is just about getting done. Would love it if people stopped trying to put meetings on the only two days in the next month that I'm away though.

First 25 minute work session of the day done. Now into the five minute break. Aren't you glad I've found yet another outlet on which to share the thrilling details of my day?

I tell you what; nothing has made me more determined to learn French properly than watching this timeline go by.

Also, even though I have signed up to a couple of other instances, I figure I should stay here on Mastodon.social until such time as it breaks or gets filled with idiots. Is this the right approach? I figure more people I know from other places are likely to find their way here than to icosahedron.website. Social is the TERMINUS of gnu.

Finally finished the S-Town podcast. It meandered quite a bit but was never dull for a moment and it wraps up in an unexpected but kind of perfect way. It's not "gripping" like the first season of Serial was, but it's something else entirely and that something is, I think, very very good.

OK, so I'm moving in here for a while and we'll see how a new social network copes with my incessant wittering. Here are some cool monochrome watercolours thisiscolossal.com/2017/03/haz

I'm not convinced I totally get this yet, but I think I like it. Please be aware that I said the same thing about Ello and ADN 😬

Just had a little read of Mastodon social's content policy and that's a breath of fresh air right there.


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