I migrated to @juliastic, follow me there if you want to continue receiving your regular dose of my redundant rants.

I migrated to @juliastic, follow me there if you want to continue receiving your regular dose of my redundant rants.

I usually don’t link to tweets on here but this one is too funny not to share: twitter.com/gracepetrie/status

Because lesbians are a myth and don’t exist, just like bisexuals ✨

Having seen newcomers to the profession being frustrated to the degree of giving up on their dreams, just because they didn't fart around on a C64 when they were children, I realized these stories while cute do active harm. Don't make them such integral parts of your introductions and origin stories. Try weaving in advice that is reproducible to grown ups instead.

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9 out of 10 female high school students wanting to study something tech related have experienced some form of discouragement (derstandard.at/2000093015530/S).

Knowing that angers me and reminds me of my own struggles I had to overcome to become the developer I am today.

I was convinced I wouldn't be good and intelligent enough simply because almost every single adult in my social circle questioned my interest in computer science.

Considering migrating to mastodon.technology ...

I should try to make a thing.

Also: I truly missed an opportunity by opting for software engineering instead of marketing.

I love huge sandbox games like the Just Cause series.

Despite that, I probably won't get the latest entry. The game looks too similar to Just Cause 3 with just a few tweaks, which is a shame. They really could have done so much more with it.

I hate having to use WhatsApp because almost all of my friends use it as their main texting app.

It's bad, unreliable, and have I mentioned it's bad?

I know too many people that got excited about the idea behind Mastodon, but abandoned it after a couple of weeks because it felt boring compared to Twitter.

Couldn't agree less: I haven't encountered much toxicity here, whereas on Twitter one can expect to receive harsh replies on a daily basis.

Today's evening film "Disobedience" is a peculiar one: itunes.apple.com/at/movie/diso

Don't get me wrong: I'm usually everything but hesitant to watch a lesbian themed movie, yet this one comes across as particularly weird.

Still giving it a chance though - mainly because of the two main actresses (not that anyone's asking).

I could rant about the sole idea behind so called "Influencers" for hours.

Not that I'd actually do it*.

*on second thought I probably would

Turns out trying to explain programming to 12 year olds is both much more challenging but also rewarding than I first had anticipated.

Trying really hard to resist the urge to buy Mario Odyssey for €40 ...

*I won't give in, I won't give in, I won't give in*

Every time I have a rather interesting project idea, I can barely bring myself to start, yet finish it.

Where can I obtain this mysterious thing people call motivation? Asking for a friend.

Bit of context: I used to be the biggest Pokemon nerd growing up. Playing every Pokemon game, playing its TCG competitively, watching the anime.

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My thoughts of Pokemon Let's Go (Pikachu) after playing for an hour:

Why am I so over levelled already.

Why is catching Pokemon so boring (but at least I can avoid them easily).

Why does it feel so empty.

Where. Is. The. Challenge.

I had a presentation in English at uni yesterday and as a feedback I got that I sounded convincingly British (despite me never having lived in the UK).

Achievement unlocked?

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