so like.. what decides whether or not something gets displayed on everyone's "Home" screen if they follow you, its not literally every @ you make absolutely anyone right

@junebug I believe you have to check the privacy status of an individual toot.

@junebug Home is everyone you follow and all the mentions between them

Local Timeline is everyone on without @ mentions

Federated Timeline is everyone on and everyone on other servers who has followers from, again without @ mentions

@junebug (oh, and Local/Federated timeline don't display posts set to Private or Unlisted either)

@junebug only way to restrict is thru DMs, or making ur account private so u filter who can follow u

@mkosler i mean i dont mind if ppl can dig up my toots by looking at me, just like, does everyones home page get every @ mention i do to anyone else or is it just if i @ ppl they follow

@junebug its like twitter, if i follow both ppl in the conversation i see it

@junebug i /think/ its exactly like twitter where: say there is a 3 way conversation and i follow 2 ppl. ill see all toots made by the ppl i follow, but won't see the toots from the person i dont

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