@charlie thank you! : ) its always encouraging to hear words like this

@tuturto its for a project! atm its named "Bloomhive" but that may be subject to change. Essentially its a survival game that plays sort of like a colony sim, with the hook being that you are a massive multibiome sprawling plant and have to manage your body by selecting which organs to grow etc.

@Vavassor this feeling is always so tough and discouraging

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a little mockup for some GB-style tiles I made last year

not everything needs to be for like.. A Project

i really ought to get back to doing recreational pixel art too

so prolly ill try to post gamedev ss or gifs here now

its real hard to know whether or not i wanna use mastodon or not (honestly it just all comes down to the people) but i figure it cant hurt to post dev gifs here and such

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