The areas near Taj Mahal allow only electric Autos, but a whole State - truly the First!

I just hope that it doesn't kill off the Autoriskshas, buffeted as they already are by Uber and at least in Kochi, the Metro!!

@NSure all depends on how profitable it is.. if the government subsidizes as they promised most of the current crop will surely switch over along with the new entrants

@just1doctorwala once there are a lot of vehicles i wonder if there will be traffic inside charging station.i hope govt has considered all the issues tht can rise due to this even if battery swap is considered

@sand87 off the top of my head the easiest solution is to install charging ports in all the auto stands already located around the city
then have them at various points on the main roads etc
can be done

@sand87 @just1doctorwala fast charging and ultra capacitors only way forward for now.
More concerning is if this is generated by coal or renewable. Former will be a greater disaster on the large scale of things.

@bull500 @sand87 yes

the show "Adam ruins everything" talked about how electric cars might actually end up causing more pollution than the current combustion engines using the same reason plus the environmental issues of disposing old batteries

@just1doctorwala @sand87 looking back I feel Toyota was more right in pushing forward for hydrogen. Sadly looks like it'll be limited to buses and trucks.
Not sure if tesla, but there were plans to reuse old lithium car batteries to power houses and residential stuff
Even renewable energy we should invest in everything - wind, solar, water depending on area and power requirements. All of them have max power generation limits that are yet to be broken.

@just1doctorwala @sand87 Toshiba was even more cutting edge. They wanted a mini nuclear reactor that could power an entire house or community. It would have been buried under the house. wired.com/2007/12/toshibas-hom

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