So im awake since 30+ hours & the is over! The i helped to create is published. Its available for and ..also its free! :computerfairies:

▶️ ▶️ ◀️◀️

I helped by building a few assets for 🌈 , a
of 's with message.🌟 Really helped me over a bad time to be able to do this with kind strangers via internet.🖥️

Went to a bunch of and recently got in to .

Its funny, if you look on or products around here everyone is on a green image. There is giant cooperations behind the ad campaigns who do a lot of research to find out what people want but if you look at the results of the last vote its really depressing how nobody cares. Its not even , a ton of virst-voters chose partys completely opposed to 💀#fff

Pretty much done with now, recently had a small group with @freshfishcomix and some more people in . Presented my final assignment "A shoplifers Guide to paradise" for the first time. I wil continue working on it soon and make a small , 60 pages so far. But for now i'm focussing on two smaller comic-projects with ahead and the by that is coming up soon.

Some illustrations i did in as a comission for the as part of the project. 🏴‍☠️ --> There is a printed on posters currently scattered arround in and you need to follow clues to find and read them all. 📢 Who takes part in the hunt gets a 📙 at the thats happening from 04.09.21 to 05.09.21

This one is my for the 8th , a small based animation with screenings every two months. Its open for everyone, not only people in Berlin. check it out:
🔥 🎥
the soundtrack is by Max Knoth, its drawn in & edited in .

done for the in . Drawn in one night with and edited in , the soundtrack is designed by Eric Guemise. The screening was this evening in a -, 🚐 🌟 i'm totally in love with my community. Check out the framerage challenge, its open for everyone, also people who are not located at berlin:
https:/ 🎥

from #2020 done with an really old , i used the from the video but rearanged and them while editing in .
I think it turned out a bit too long but thats what experiments are for.

I'm working on a that will be in a that my comic -comics is once a year at the . This years theme is and my comic is about the resistance i met while beeing a . Its the first time i do everything digital in .
The story will be in english but to avoid spoilers its just giberish here:

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