Building web assembly via docker is in my opinion a significantly easier way to get started (I prefer a more layered approach for the container). Surma wrote up a lovely piece on making npm and emscripten work well together to make your dev life easier. Give it a read!

Picked up a Rodenstock lens wrench the other day so I could swap the Symmar-S over to a Speed Graphic lens board. I quite like purpose made tools; better than other spanner I have.

We've got big plans for the show this year. Episode 200 is just around the corner and we'll likely pass the 1 million download mark (!) in a few months time.

Want to be on the show? Have someone we should ask? Let me know!

I think people would be shocked with the number of calls I've done in the last three months regarding chrome --headless. Folks are building some very cool software. πŸ’―

Nothing like getting hit in the driver side door. That wasn't even the scary part; it was making sure I kept my well timed waltz to pick up my twins who sit on the autism scale.

One of my favorite sites, The Online Photographer (TOP). Great content, no annoying newsletter pop-ups. theonlinephotographer.typepad.

Fun fact: there's a lot of web out there. We just maybe haven't seen it in a while because of walled gardens and terrible streams. It's time discover the websites that never went away. Share one with .


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