Trying to make it over to Github's office this morning for this thing and failing miserably. Where's a transporter when you need one?

Wishing I could have made it out to TPAC, but the schedule has been rather hectic of late.

Fighting with Dynatrace to Send Custom User Timings with Performance Observer.

If we don’t hold our third party vendors accountable, things won’t get better. Do better. Build a faster web.

Having dealt with a considerable number of legacy web applications in heavy use, the rewrite just isn't in the cards for a lot of organizations. What to do? Let's talk about bringing legacy web apps forward with three great web platform APIs.

Are you a web developer confused by "intent to implement" parlance used by Chromium? You're not alone. Chris Wilson has kindly kicked off a thread about renaming this to cause less confusion on blink-api-owners-discuss.

I find repairing the mechanical and electronic intertwine of film cameras relaxing. There's no rush, it's quiet, my phone is off in the corner. Seen here, repairing one of the kids' Canonet 28.

In my ongoing quest for more security keys with NFC to work with, my Solo Taps have just arrived. This is going to be fun.

Continuing my quest of building tiny PWAs for my various uses, here's my no-frills, 3.4K gzipped, depth of field calculator for various film sizes.

It's nice to do a different kind of review on a Friday with little more than light and a film loupe.

Alli, 13 and headed to high school. She knows I'm terrible at the selfie, but obliged. Love you kiddo.

Having put my new Chamonix 45F-2 through tests last week, was hoping to take it out proper this weekend but raining buckets today in CA. Time to dev some backlog film with the kids.

barcode-reader>, an experimental web component that uses Shape Detection API, module scripts on a DedicatedWorker, Comlink (because it's awesome), and LitElement (because planning). New spin on an old component I had back in the Polymer 2 days.

Testing out Firebase's Web Performance logging. Seems on par with some other RUM I've done lately. Bit of a pain to setup with CSP (then again, what 3rd party lib isn't).

Headed to . Want to talk about web performance, web components, or just the web platform in general? I'll be around so do ping me if you'd like to chat. Look forward to seeing you there!

On road helping another large company roll out web components globally. WC's are in so many more places than you think. 🎉🥳

Since some folks have asked, I moved <code-block> out into its own repo and put it on NPM. LitElement based web component, with Prism.js dynamic loaded langs for all the colorful code highlighting.

Sometimes you just have to print your own large format lens plate.

If you don't audit your usage of deps in your project, your bundle size and perf will not improve. Example: a duplicated lodash dep, consuming 41K gzipped, replaced with 672 bytes. Take the hard look, cut judiciously.

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