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Packed theatre on day one of PerfMattersConf. Amazing content and crowd.

Looking forward to PerfMattersConf next week and hearing about all the great web perf work folks are doing. Hope to see you there!

Putting together Lighthouse and jest for some automated perf testing makes for a good day.

I'm really happy to see long task surface on the performance panel in M74. πŸŽ‰ Incredibly useful.

Fantastic piece by Jamie Alberico on making sense of
Lighthouse perf numbers. If you're not measuring your web perf, you're doing your users a disservice.

Digging this explainer on Never-Slow Mode by
Alex Russell. The notion of per-interaction budgets/limits is in my opinion something you should probably be thinking about already (regardless of whether it's feature policy that happens or not).

Trying to pare down my parts buy list for PhotoFair tomorrow. Who am I kidding, that never works.🀣

Are you interested in web performance? Looking for like-minded folks and an amazing speaker line-up? Then look no further than PerfMatters Conf this April.

I'll be attending and I hope to see you there!

I maintain that examples like this is where WebAssembly shines and is most accessible to devs today; replacement of poor computation perf to smooth perf across browsers/embed VMs. A really well written analysis from Surma.

Current status while trying to reduce this maze of a bundle. Ah web performance, a mix of art, science, and flame(charts).

We had a great wide ranging conversation with
@auchenberg about Visual Studio Code, web standards, DevTools, and his latest experimental extension for Code, browser-preview with Chrome headless. Don't miss it!

Working on a show pitch, basically The Great British Bake Off but for web components. You get a mix of devs in a tent focused on WC output (think lit, stencil, et cetera) while @Paul_Kinlan (the show requires a Paul by definition) and @notwaldorf review.

It would be glorious.

Had such a wonderful conversation with @benschwarz about web performance on The Web Platform Podcast, we probably could have spoken for another hour. I β™₯ web performance and the tools that are now available. Give'em a spin!

I've started asking myself "does the web platform have the api surface I need to build tiny problem solving progressive web apps?" on a nearly daily basis. The end result: I've started building tiny utility PWAs and find I can't stop.

Reminder that I'm in Phoenix this weekend IoT DevFest to MC and talk web and IoT. Don't have a ticket? There a few left, grab one while you can!

I've been testing this for a bit and it's a lovely add-on for many workflows. If you peek under the hood, you'll find Chrome headless. I'm so happy to see this come to fruition!

Want to learn more? Be on the lookout,
Kenneth is scheduled to be on the show in the soon! πŸŽ‰

Rob Dodson kicks off the 2019 as our first guest of the season on The Web Platform Podcast to talk about the latest and future of launched at Chrome Dev Summit.

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