A friend and I regularly daydream about dumb startup ideas, only to find out they already exist.

Does Tusk not let you log into more than one instance at a time?

Since a bunch of folks from Twitter just followed me and may have otherwise-empty feeds, here's how you can find your Twitter peeps on Mastodon: bridge.joinmastodon.org/

Sexual violence, politics 

And no, I don't think it's the same thing as pointing out that conservatives overwhelmingly excuse sexual violence when their own guy does it. But that's unsurprising, given their politics.

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Sexual violence, politics 

A really fun game people are playing now is the "but what the guy on YOUR side of the political spectrum did is worse."

This is not the rape and sexual harassment Olympics. I wish people would stop using one man's bad behavior to excuse another's, and stop using victims as political pawns.

I wish GitHub code reviews had some kind of "done" indicator that you could respond to comments with. And that it would show you if there were any comments you haven't replied to or marked "done." And that you could indicate when you're finished addressing comments, and the PR is ready for another pass.

I should do an post -
I struggle whenever I'm asked to summarize myself. I'm a feminist and care deeply about social justice issues. I live in San Francisco. I'm a staff engineer at MailChimp. I have two cats and a deep love for pizza (pineapple: yes). I'm really outspoken on social media but a bit of a shy loner IRL.

Coding feels good. I'm so happy I've gone back to being an IC with this new job. "Team lead" (i.e. project management) just wasn't for me. I can still influence technical direction. It's a win/win!

Yay for the technical track.

The electric blanket has turned out to be a hit. No idea how he managed to get under there 😅 mastodon.social/media/eKNoV0W5

What are the good Mastodon Android apps? I'm trying Tootdon, which is a little buggy, but works pretty well overall.

Why am I not asleep yet, even though I extremely need to be, is the real question though. Gotta start my new Mastodon account tooting in the middle of the night.

Okay look, it really sounds like I'm talking about farts, just saying.

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