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Heylo! I'm Kevin. I live near Seattle but my heart is always going to be in Bellingham and Vancouver, B.C. Things I love: dogs, mountains, the sea, forests, tabletop and RPGs. Amateur astronomer. Obsessed with egyptian/byzantine/roman history, as well as languages. I take lots of dog photos.

For work: software development--mobile and web for now & whatever pays the bills.
Politics: pirate party, hammer & sickle.
Chrono Trigger was the best JRPG ever made.

Say hello if you want!

Anyone else trying out ? It's an alternative to Facebook whose cornerstone is all about not using and selling your personal information (or hiring a sketchy PR firm). Add me. Or not. We'll see if the service actually stays afloat.

Heads up, ProtonMail's 50% off sale for 2 years' service is still going on for another nine hours, for those who may be looking for a gmail alternative where you can pay for service with money rather than your personal data, and have it be secure:

Every adblock detector has copy similar to: "You must really hate ads. So do we." Well maybe this is a good indicator that providing free services in exchange for personal information and targeted ads isn't a sustainable model that neither side wants in the first place? 🤔

I was intrigued that #Japanese has kanji for very large numbers (like 極=10^48), so I wrote a blog post about it. It's a story of counting systems, an Edo-era mathematics text and Buddhist scriptures, with a supercomputer and a samurai, so it might even interest you if you are not studying Japanese ^_^

I wish I had all of this person's tools. Makes my restorations look like childsplay.

Happy ! I have to say living in an era fighting extinction by the Reapers is starting to look more preferable than living under a dunderhead of a president still backed by an alarming number of crackpots, proud ignorami, and plain ol' lynch mobs.

Found when i was searching for proof that people still cover the Neverending Story theme song:

I was expecting (and wanted) this to be something else but oh well

Is it legal for employers not to pay out PTO upon termination?

A surprisingly nice response from the folks at Discord support when I emailed them asking why some servers require phone number verification.

1984: We can't talk here, they might have bugs to wiretap us.

2018: Bug, order me some pizza!

Fascism, cry for help 

Sorry for my absence. I'm fighting fascism right now. Things are serious in Brazil. A black man was murdered, stabbed 12 times while the murderer yelled the name of the fascist candidate. A girl with a t-shirt against the candidate was kidnapped by 3 men, who beat her and draw the Nazi symbol on her with a knife.

We are forming a resistance. However, Brazil needs you. We are afraid. This is a cry for help. Search for news about Brazil and share them of you can, please.

Speaking of bad UX by incorrectly implementing likert scale as multiple choice questions: We care about your privacy and yet we ask you to disable your ad blocker and then we tell you to go to a labyrinth of options to opt out...

They sure have some audacity.


The only thing I find shocking is that Google didn’t sweep this under the rug for even longer

Some day I will have the foresight to schedule a vacation. I tell myself every year.

I don’t give a Linus if you have “open” in your name or a penguin as your logo if you continue to enthusiastically and uncritically promote and legitimise the surveillance devices of Google and its kin, you are part and parcel of #SurveillanceCapitalism and no ally of mine.

#privacy #humanRights #ethicalTechnology

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