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So, if BJP can't form government, any state can come under President's rule.

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Shiv Sena going to the Supreme Court to get justice..

Now the Constitutional bench headed by the CJI will allot them 2 acres of land to build a secretariat in Vasai ! Lol

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I think its time we officially have a new political party in called


Bhartiya Governors' Party

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Imposition of 'sRule in Maharashtra, clearly a case of overkill. The Governor was still in the process of being informed by various parties of possibility of government formation. Short circuiting the hearing is very dicey

How can the governor recommend President rule till the time given to NCP doesn't lapse??

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Jharkhand NDA in turmoil as allies AJSU, BJP announce candidates for same seats

The National Democratic Alliance in Jharkhand seemed headed for a split as the All Jharkhand Students Union (AJSU) Party on Monday released its first list of 11 candidates, which includes names for three constituencies for which its senior ally BJP has already announced candidates.

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@sanjayuvacha you can use your old Twitter cover here. No fear of censorship whatsoever.

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If Patel's statue cost ₹3000 crore, just imagine how much this government created temple is going to cost, and also how much HCP Design will make off of it. The Patel statue could've funded noon-meals in UP for 22,321,428 children for one school year. Some priorities.

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@Dasbolshevik @ranjona @larissaf @saileena @rupagulab @Deepsealioness Absolutely. South is anyways better than the North in many ways. Especially Kerala. Kerala and TN come at the top in many socio-economic indices. But still, caste discrimination is something thats ubiquitous in india. Manual scavenging and untouchability happens daily. In conclusion, i do think, many there's a huge scope for improvement. How DMK defeated BJP in TN also needs to be analysed.

@Gargron With an expected turnout of 300 participants and a tremendous reach of over 40k students. Identifying our event's potential in helping you grow your community, we would like to invite you to be the official media partner for our event.


Warm regard

Respected Sir,

Greetings from IET-VIT!
We proudly present our very own 30 hour long hack-a-thon, Hack Off, on 14th and 15th of December 2019, providing students with a platform to offer technical solutions to the problems in the given tracks.

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Why Twitter users are moving to Mastodon?
It started when several twitter accounts including the account of senior lawyer Sanjay Hegde, were suspended or curtailed.

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It's amazing that @sanjayuvacha's well-known Nazi picture which came to birdie's notice of late and outlandishly suspended his account, is being used by so many of the entrants here. Solidarity with ! You made the obnoxiously rapacious birdie to loss myriad of users. They should feel the brunt financially and the board must reconsider their approach policy!! Then, we really win the case!


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