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For anyone interested, I've been posting old poems of mine on cohost:

I don't have any invites yet (signups are open, but you need an invite to post)

Paul Williams - Surf Music

(Paul plays the Alex Horne role in the NZ version of Taskmaster & the song Euroleague is the intro music for James Acaster's Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999 show)

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tabletop roleplaying games 

Quest RPG digital edition is now free as in beer

Jimmy Smith with a big band backing for the soundtrack to Any Number Can Win/Mélodie en sous-sol, a somewhat obscure Alain Delon vehicle

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Today the YT algoithm blessed me with "One Hour Of Red Pandas Eating Crunchy Snacks"

for real, peep the quote retweets on that and it's me multiple times

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thread for some of my favourite internet cats:

reigning champ is this guy:

if someone knows how to extract an actual gif from that and save it plz let me know


the official taskmaster youtube has dropped the first season of the Norway version of the show (subject to geoblocking which doesn't apply to me, I guess), I'd say it's my third favourite after UK & NZ

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