for anyone that doesn’t follow me on birdsite, I have a thread for food pr0ns. new additions from folks’ anniversary dinner tonight:

hmm dunno if it’s just tootle or what but seeing apostrophes being replaced by 9

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As to the Venn diagram that is Mastodon + MetaFilter, we just finally rolled out a Mastodon preferences option for folks to list their accounts here on their MeFi profile pages. Dumb little thing but also nice.

@Gargron it says "Please review 2 errors below" but the only error is "must be less than 2 MB" and the image is 997kb or so

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@Gargron can't seem to upload a new profile pic that is under 2mb. apologies if you're not the right to pester about this

@zusty ooh profile background images can be animated!

so favourite is spelled with a u
if that's just system wide instead of localized based on my location...suck it americans :D

"Sometimes I am asked to work on stories where nothing is done but picking at what people do not want from the story. ‘I do not want this, I do not want this’, it is said. But once you have picked out everything you do not want in a plan, there is nothing in the story worth telling."

Cara Ellison y'all:

k this is pretty good/serviceable on web, but poking at it only highlights how much of my twittering i typically do on mobile. good to see someone's (@jeroensmeets) working on it though


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