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Person geblockt, die behauptete, dass Menschen ohne Führerschein nicht den "üblichen" Weg gingen, dass zur Ausbildung ein Auto gehört.
Wie wütend mich solche Statements machen!
Es MUSS in D endlich genügen zu sagen: Ich möchte kein Auto fahren.
Und dafür braucht es Alternativen.

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We have 44% to go for the stretch goal—and just one week to do it! Back our campaign to get exclusive swag and help us improve privacy and security for both AppCenter and elementary OS. indiegogo.com/projects/appcent

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Check out this great campaign by the @fsfe: Public money for : publiccode.eu/ After having watched the video, don't forget to sign! 😃✊

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New version


On Desktop, Online, Android:

- floating add item button
- correct scroll when focusing an item
- bigger space to move items

On Android only

Choose sync frequency
Faster check when remote has no changes
Sync when stop editing a note

Filelocker for more secured sync

Folder creation with nextcloud SSO

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Changelog for all 3 versions (see the toot above for version specific changelog)

Better design for todo-list (thx to @jvariance )
Ability to remove rating

Fix audio player with bromite
Fix audio icon
Fix checkbox with dark theme
Fix save after moving item in todolist
Fix scrollbar in dark theme
translations: Mac Guffin, ButterflyOfFire, Devfreedom, Christian Scholz

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Our goal with Tutanota is to offer the most secure email service. The built-in encryption is a good start, but as this post explains, there is more to secure email than just encryption: tutanota.com/blog/posts/secure

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