Trump continues to ask foreign governments for help with the coming election, though through much improved formal channels as opposed to how it was done with Ukraine. Great Britain's intelligence agencies are perplexed why the Trump administration is trying to prove that the US intelligence agencies were wrong about Russian interference in the 2016 election.

“Build your own site. Post there. Then syndicate that content to the social media sites where everyone else is. You can still interact with the rest of the web that’s locked away in walled gardens, but your content will originate from your own website.”

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The politicians are becoming aware of the confluence of events where and budget negotiations collide. Pelosi is working hard to ensure this happens to put extraordinary pressure on Republicans and Trump

Computers by the Millions

...many of the techniques used by the large quantity manufacturers of television sets, washing machines and automobiles will have to be adopted, including considerable automation. Unionization may occur, and if automation is not strongly under way before this happens, it will become difficult to accomplish. Some manufacturing may have to be done on an international basis....

-- Jef Raskin, scrying the future in 1980

The one good thing about Trump making all these ridiculous privilege claims in court is that he takes the decision to an appeal court, which makes this a precedent when he loses. No future president will be able to make similar claims in the future.

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This was just posted to our Facebook page, showing the wind speed clocked along Highway 22 in southwest Alberta this afternoon, clocked at 172 km/h. Photo credit to Conneil Wilson. ~ Pat #YQL #abstorm

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12:41 PM - 25 Oct 2019

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Depositions in Ukrainian Foreign Policy show that a Trump withheld Military Aid and a WH visit in return for Ukraine investigating Biden's involvement with Burisma and to search for a 'missing' DNC server. However, Trump's insistence that there was no quid pro quo following the 25 July telephone conversation, shows that Trump knew what he had done was illegal and that trump was trying to deflect this even before it became public knowledge.

The story of a cyber attack against the 2018 Winter Olympics and how it linked to the hack of voter rollers in multiple states in 2016 US election. It also explains the multiple conspiracy theories surrounding those hacks.

Trump appears to give different account values for lenders and tax purposes when they should match. This is probably why he is fighting so hard to keep tax returns hidden.

I was wrong. Ambassador Yovanovitch defied orders to not appear from the WH and State, but decided herself to follow a hastily issues subpeona, per reporting on CNN. No links yet.

Pelosi may still make the budget process extremely painful come November

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It looks like someone pointed out to Pompeo that Congress controls the purse strings. The reason for the November deadline for is that it coincides with critical budget bill and possible government shutdown in December. Pelosi can refuse to fund any non-cooperative agency until they submit to oversight.

Trump approved the Turkish invasion of Syria as a distraction from non-cooperation

Trump has 2 Trump Towers in Turkey. No quid pro quo to see here.

Facebook says political ads don't have to be factual and can include lies. Seems custom made for Trump #2020

An aggregation of historic and current economic data with open access

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