Trump appears to give different account values for lenders and tax purposes when they should match. This is probably why he is fighting so hard to keep tax returns hidden.

I was wrong. Ambassador Yovanovitch defied orders to not appear from the WH and State, but decided herself to follow a hastily issues subpeona, per reporting on CNN. No links yet.

Pelosi may still make the budget process extremely painful come November

It looks like someone pointed out to Pompeo that Congress controls the purse strings. The reason for the November deadline for is that it coincides with critical budget bill and possible government shutdown in December. Pelosi can refuse to fund any non-cooperative agency until they submit to oversight.

Trump approved the Turkish invasion of Syria as a distraction from non-cooperation

Trump has 2 Trump Towers in Turkey. No quid pro quo to see here.

Facebook says political ads don't have to be factual and can include lies. Seems custom made for Trump #2020

An aggregation of historic and current economic data with open access

Trump is opening a new front in the global . Tariffs will be imposed on items starting October 15 up to 25%. A detailed list is provided in the reference

Standby for a global recession

says active consent is required for tracking cookies. Those default banner that only accept cookies (that may have already been placed) are no longer sufficient.

Trump's subconscious must be an amazing place. He continues to project his real fears on others. Tht latest example is a demand for Schiff to be investigated for treason.

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