There's a certain tone people take when emailing support where you just _know_ that no matter how gently you explain to them that they were doing it wrong but here's how it actually works, they're gonna yell about how your product is the worst thing since moldy bread.

Fun fact: if your TCL Roku TV isn't connected to the internet, it will flat-out refuse to remove "channels" you've previously installed.


Leaving Through The Window by Something Corporate is (still) a good album, and I will (still) fight you about it.

Every time I do this it winds up becoming another Opinionated Campaign Setting By Jonas.

May have to wrap up my group's current D&D campaign, so I figure I should spend some time coming up with core concepts I can use to build out semi-generic campaign settings on the fly.

But I know myself well enough that I'm just gonna title it this from the beginning.

"And the Secret Service agents Mr. Trump was so impressed with, down to the officers who check IDs and wave black SUVs in and out of the gates surrounding the complex, are all working unpaid — everyone in the Secret Service is, according to an official at the agency."

Speaking as a student of Roman history, this seems fairly unwise. 👀

oops, just wrote a 600-word dream sequence foreshadowing the next arc of my D&D campaign

What the fuck is the point of having people as rich as Jeff Bezos if they don't build something to top the Burj Khalifa?

If you have that much money, at the very least have the decency to spend some of it to show off how awesome your country is.

And I guess I, Robot qualifies as a solid D20 Future adventure, so if you're looking for a movie featuring Will Smith as a cop who's racist toward non-human people, just go for that movie instead.

Bright is a bad movie with a premise that had a lot of potential.

That said, it joins the D20 Modern Movie Brigade alongside Push.

Hi, PlayStation-owning friends! I have a Switch that I'm very happy with, but I want to play Spider-Man and Horizon Zero Dawn and Red Dead Redemption 2.

Given that I'm fine with the Switch's 1080p output, is there any reason to go with a PS4 Pro over the PS4 Slim?

I am the only person in my row on this flight and I don't think I've ever felt more blessed by the gods.

Me: "What're you trying to say, that all French people look the same to you?"

@pcperini: "When they're wearing robot hats, yes."

I know it’s uncomfortable, but let’s have a quick conversation about bathroom etiquette.

If you need to know whether a single-occupant bathroom or stall is occupied, you have a couple o options:

1. If you want to knock, knock.
2. If you want to try the door, try the door.


DO NOT knock, then immediately try the door half a second later.


It has literally never occurred to me before that Chumbawamba probably did other songs.

There needs to be *way* more talk about Steven Universe on Mastodon, at least on an evening like this when an exciting episode is about to be aired!

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