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Somewhere deep in the pumpkin spice mines of New England, reanimated skeletons are trudging slowly back to work.

Does anybody else do this when they play Fallout 4?

I can't help but hoard power armor on the principle that with 20 fully-maintained suits and the same number of well-trained wastelanders, Nate could pretty much go toe to toe with any power in the Commonwealth.

That particular feeling of delight when you send a friend a pun you know will make them very angry.

TFW you thought you had a half an hour until a meeting and in fact you have an hour and a half.

Rarely has a web search given me so exactly what I wanted.

oh hey instagram posts get previews in the web client now!

I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna watch the terrible live action Bleach movie.

As far as I can tell there's no way to find or share an arbitrary recent status on Facebook, since it hides it under a mountain of older statuses that you haven't seen when you go to that person's profile.

What a useless, idiotic fucking website. No wonder new users aren't interested; none of it makes sense unless you've been on the platform for years. Boiling frog syndrome.

The quality of the writing on this season of Doctor Who is so incredibly uneven.

This episode was so well done! And then there was Arachnids in the UK.

At least the show has committed to having an opinion about the real world, and it's a thoughtful one. That's worth a lot.

The Dragon Prince is quite good. Ready for season 2.

Kinda rude that the sign language in The Dragon Prince doesn't get subtitled but horses do. >.>


Definitely not useable without alteration because, uh, let's NOT have the Mordor-equivalent be called "Blackdor", but on the other hand PRETTY IMPRESSIVE for an experience generated 100% out of whole cloth on the fly by my subconscious! 😂

Just woke up from an extremely raucous yet detailed dream in which I was trying to run a D&D session for a group of non-nerds by converting an adventure on-the-fly from AD&D (which I have never played) to 5th Edition, while engaging in EXTREMELY SPECIFIC crude banter with one unimpressed young woman.

When I woke up, I had the basic shape of a high-fantasy, high-slapstick campaign setting called "The Fields of Toreador and the Kingdom of Blackdor" in my head. O.o

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