Benefits of prescriptivism:

- Constantly BE mad when everyone else is wrong about the thing
- Constantly MAKE people mad by telling them they're wrong about the thing

You know, in retrospect, it's possible "benefits" isn't exactly the word I wanted. 🤔

We need a word for the particular flavor of frustration experienced when you go to a status page that should be showing lots of red and instead it's still lying happily all over its green face.

I understand that there's a technical physics reason my desktop speakers pick up a local radio station while powered on and inactive, but it still freaks me the hell out.

Proposal to introduce the phrase "lawful smug" for a certain type of insufferable paladin.

Almost without exception, D&D sessions are more fun than I expect—and I go in expecting them to be very fun!

I love this game, but more, I love the trust it builds within a group.

A Furby Chose My Gender

the newest book from chuck tingle

Listen: given that Nintendo has been making bank off a character as boring as Mario for the better part of 40 years, have we considered that the company, collectively, is a witch?

Well played, Apple.

(But I maintain that 🦅 would have been the more correct emojil, since eagles are raptors and tyrannosaurs are not.)

::hammers on the table:: let me emulate old N64 Rogue Squadron games on my Switch already

I maintain that Friday the 14ths are way unluckier, and today is no exception.

The only truly important question about Pokémon Sword/Shield: will it support pro controllers like a real game, or will we be stuck in Let’s Go joycon hell again?

Congratulations to the people of Canada on their stunning athletic victory.

(And also because I’m still at work monitoring Instagram’s API status at almost 7pm.)

I know I’ve become The Man because I just got mad about Instagram not acknowledging a partial outage to API partners before they posted a consumer-facing tweet.

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