Wow, it got quiet over here. My timeline is now two people (one of whom is Eugen) and a Rowlet.

Update: four months later, this has finally come back to bite us in the ass. While we were busy up north preventing a dragon (long story), Fukkov's Irregulars have apparently been gaining traction and frequently raiding the farms around the city.


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I think all the work I've done so far was worth it just for this one-star review.

Update: somehow rendered my elementary install permanently unbootable by installing and trying to play Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure.

I'm pretty sure it must have had to do with the graphics driver, but honestly if it's that easy to render Linux unbootable, I'm pretty unimpressed.

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Also, definitely planning to stick with macOS for my daily drivers. I can spin up a new Mac to usability in under an hour. I spent the better part of today installing and reinstalling elementary to get it where I wanted it.

(Though admittedly a large part of that was due to EFI fuckery.)

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Elementary OS has definitely improved in the last few years. Still, it has a pretty opinionated UI and I'm kind of tempted to give Xubuntu another shot for customizability.

Is there a word for the feeling you get when you follow a random internet linux tutorial and one small but potentially significant thing doesn't behave as described, but you follow the rest of the tutorial anyway because you can always just reinstall if everything breaks, and at the end of the tutorial everything is working as expected but now you're just constantly waiting for that other shoe to drop?

I need a one-shot for D&D this weekend, so I think I'm going to shamelessly rip off The Cat in the Hat.

A computer


A computer connected to a network


The network is the computer


The network is like 30 billion computers and none of them are trustworthy, not even yours

I’m not asking for much
Just get out of my way
I’m in the eye of the storm
Beautiful blue day

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I heard the white noise
The waves and radiation
They’re falling from the sky

TFW your company’s parent company brags about releasing a product designed to put you out of work. >.>

Just wound up on the jumbotron at a baseball game for the first time in my life. Technically in the background, but hey.

Man, fuck Facebook AND PayPal for this one. The transaction I was making had absolutely nothing to do with Facebook, I don't regularly use Facebook… why the fuck would I want this?

This is an extremely shitty darkpattern. Assholes.

Installing Linux on an old MacBook makes me appreciate how genuinely great macOS is.

Just signed into a computer I haven't touched since 2014, and Safari automatically opened the last websites I had open. 😢

why did nobody tell me I misspelled this “showerunner"

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