Dear friends working on Mastodon clients:

Please expose “via NameOfApp” wherever you can. It’s so neat to be able to learn what apps are out there by clicking through on that.

@jwisser I did that in my client for ADN and loved it.

@jwisser make it customizable so I can send "via my toaster"

@bithive Sooooo you can totes create your own app in the web interface Settings under Development, then grab that access token and make cURL requests using it as described in the second command here ( and described in the API documentation here (

Upshot: with a little bit of work, you can use cURL (or something like iOS Workflow or Shortcuts) to make posts with whatever name you want.

@Isegrimm Yep, Amaroq does a good job of this.

(If Amarok posts to Mastodon now, it’s come a long way from its origin as a music player. 😜)

@jwisser how do you expose that, or FWIW how do you turn it off?

@datenimperator All Mastodon statuses (including private messages) include information about the client used to post them; I don't think that's avoidable. But it's up to client developers to decide whether to show the information in their apps.

The info itself is the name of the client and a URL provided by the client developer, usually a link to the website for that app. So most devs just make the "via Example" text into a clickable link.

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