NEW FOLKS: check out your Settings. You can do stuff like lock your account so you have to approve new followers and filter words you don't want to see in your timeline.

Welcome to Mastodon, please enjoy your stay and don't forget to tip your shitposters!

NEW FOLKS: you should also know that you can turn off boosts from a certain person if you like their toots but not the stuff they repost.

(You can also turn off reposts completely in the web app, but it won't carry over to other apps.)

Thanks for taking your time to make those screenshots! :blobthumbsup:

@anathem @Gargron Nooooo this is the kind of comment I was trying to avoid by picking him for this screenshot. 😂 If I used anyone less well known, I knew someone would be like "but they do good boosts!".

@anathem @Gargron I should also note that I turn off boosts for everyone I follow because IMO API retweets are one of the main things that made Twitter bad.

If you want me to see something, tell me why. Don't just click a button.

@jwisser I just flat out muted him because if he says something controversial I spend the next 5 days seeing it boosted repeatedly because you can't mute an individual post 🤦‍♂️

@jwisser yall are killin me with these exTREMELY useful tips

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