Document your shit. I don’t care if you write code, help customers, or do something arcane involving money; if you’re out for a day, and somebody needs to follow up on your work, they should be able to. Add notes to your work indicating what steps have been taken and what steps should be taken next.

(Yes, some work is self-documenting. But the person following up might not be as smart or knowledgeable as you, so just take the extra 30 seconds. 😡)


I made this in like 2007 and I think I was referring to, like, HTML, but I stand fucking by it.

@jwisser That was a witty, amusing meme picture. But in recent years, often times I start writing a comment, I realize that it would be much better to write the code that didn't require that comment. Third, half, or more of comments mean the programmer gave up, so they are large red flags -- even without "XXX" or "FIXME" in them. Of course, that is valuable too.

@pro I think my post might’ve been missing the relevant context by the time you saw it—I was replying to another post of mine that explicitly mentioned non-coders. 🙂

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