I've gone to a hot dog stand in Canadian Tire's parking lot a few times. The guy is fond of saying he has three rules:

1. No ketchup. (And he doesn't stock it, though his friends sometimes hide one in his fridge.)
2. Don't use the sauerkraut. It's gross. (He does have it, though.)
3. No Manchester United.

Of course when he posts these to social media someone often asks "Why no Manchester United?" and he often replies with something like "Come down here wearing a jersey and I'll show you."

He's an incredibly friendly guy. He often helps Canadian Tire customers load big/heavy/awkward stuff into cars.

He also offered my kid $50 if the next time my wife makes Filipino sweet spaghetti (which involves ketchup) if he'd say "I'm not eating this!" and throw it on the table.


@tewha …okay, I’m intrigued about sweet spaghetti. O.o

@jwisser Usually brown sugar or banana ketchup, since tomato ketchup is more expensive there.


@jwisser Filipino food isn't all bad, mind you. Lechon manok (which is a roast chicken marinated in garlic, calamansi, fish sauce, etc) is amazing.

@jwisser Likewise, you haven't really had a pineapple until you've had one fresh from where they grow the damn things. Totally different experience!

@tewha I know I had the opportunity to try other Filipino foods at a couple of events in college, but honestly the only thing that sticks out in my memory was the flan. 😬

@jwisser Most of it isn't great, and probably is even less great away from the Philippines. Where it really shines is with the unique ingredients. Like mangos: Mexican mangos are just not the same.

I really enjoyed Filipino / Malaysian / Chinese fusion food, though!

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