On Tuesday, my new (level 1) D&D group took on a child's bounty to find her cat.

Today, that quest resulted in us:

• holding palaver with the treant who had adopted the cat as an unwilling pet
• agreeing to render the local lumber mill inoperable in exchange for returning the cat
• massacreing a troupe of kobolds for a bounty
• leaving one kobold (named Fukkov Parr) alive so we could frame him for burning down the lumber mill
• deciding that we're actively sponsoring him as an ecoterrorist


Update: four months later, this has finally come back to bite us in the ass. While we were busy up north preventing a dragon (long story), Fukkov's Irregulars have apparently been gaining traction and frequently raiding the farms around the city.


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@lotus42 Literally only because the original post was here on Mastodon and not on Twitter. >.<

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