Elementary OS has definitely improved in the last few years. Still, it has a pretty opinionated UI and I'm kind of tempted to give Xubuntu another shot for customizability.

I’m not asking for much
Just get out of my way
I’m in the eye of the storm
Beautiful blue day

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I heard the white noise
The waves and radiation
They’re falling from the sky

Man, fuck Facebook AND PayPal for this one. The transaction I was making had absolutely nothing to do with Facebook, I don't regularly use Facebook… why the fuck would I want this?

This is an extremely shitty darkpattern. Assholes.

Just signed into a computer I haven't touched since 2014, and Safari automatically opened the last websites I had open. 😢

Griffin: "We gotta fuckin' retire our Barry Bluejeans merch."

Travis: "Well no, his son Barry Bluejeans, Jr. is sure to make an appearance!"

Griffin: "Barry Jorts! 'Hi everybody, I'm Barry Jorts!'"

And thus, Brian David Gilbert danced into existence.

Turns out my old Xbox 360 seems to have some trouble with its WiFi antenna (max download speeds of <1Mbps), so I have constructed a Rube Goldberg internet machine involving my old MacBook Air, a USB-to-Ethernet adapter, and an Ethernet cable.

here have a very silly thing i just made for the hell of it

(Nick Carraway is a terribly unreliable narrator, and this pair of quotes is my favorite example. But the other one doesn’t happen for a few months yet.)

US pol, depressing news 

Forgiveness for student loans would be nice and all, but at this point I would accept literally any president who feels a moral obligation to protect the most vulnerable.

Well played, Apple.

(But I maintain that 🦅 would have been the more correct emojil, since eagles are raptors and tyrannosaurs are not.)

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