There should be a hashtag for dinky little throwaway image editing jobs you do as part of jokes with friends. I think seeing a steady stream of those out of context would be wildly entertaining.

To that end, I present:

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Okay, nerds: help me find out what the real name for this kind of sword is.

*Incorrect* answers apparently include "scimitar" and "falchion", both of which I have seen used to describe it in fantasy contexts.

I will not be surprised if the answer turns out to be "no real group ever used swords that looked like that".

Trying a new game this week for game day! I'm an escaped pet rabbit new to a warren in the hills above industrial-era Pittsburgh.

TFW you have a good idea as you're falling asleep that you'll DEFINITELY remember in the morning.

Dammit, some of these are really very good.

Chainsmoking magic dwarf private eye with a history as a carnie that he tries desperately to hide? Why yes, I think I will, thank you.

I just signed in using my actual fucking face, but sure, I can re-sign in with my password because that's somehow more secure. You goddamn imbecile.

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Apple's Shortcuts icon is actually the Cool S, post toot.

Yayyyyyyyy Joyce! I'm so fucking proud of this webcomic character and how she's grown. 😭

I made this in like 2007 and I think I was referring to, like, HTML, but I stand fucking by it.

Today in D&D, the party entered the city of Marine, woke up an upscale tailor to buy new pants at midnight, scored some pixie dust and green dragon from a shady guy on a bridge, and found this poster about a member of the party who went missing a couple of weeks earlier…

The problem here is that this joke has a potential audience of one, and that person is me.

Trust me, though: it's fucking hilarious to me personally.

I am shocked, SHOCKED, to find out that there's gambling going on in this establishment.

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