New D&D group started tonight with an intro one-shot since we have a brand new player in the mix. Interesting to see the new DM exhibiting the same behaviors I initially had trouble getting past—including avoiding putting me at risk because I'm a ~fragile level 1 wizard~.

I'll break him of that habit soon enough. 😈

"I came in ‘ere for an argument!”

(Alternate caption: “Full same.”)

Excel is the most arcane piece of nonsense I ever have to deal with.

Related: it just tried to save a spreadsheet as an HTML file… by default.

This remains the most bonkers and unhelpful error regularly shown by software, in this, the Year of Luigi on the Desktop 2019.

This cough and voice nonsense just will not die. ARGH.

(And yes, I should go see a doctor about it. If it doesn’t clear out by the weekend, I’m going to.)

@ishiku If it’s any consolation, I’m getting real annoyed at having to talk this morning.

::hammers table:: give me more Pokémon Sword and Shield details you cowards

Happy Earth Day! She’s been pretty darn good to us, all things considered.

@tewha Last time for me it was kids throwing Skittles at each other. I nearly turned and screamed at them.

@Catfish_Man One of my close friends has been reading it basically nonstop since yesterday and still isn't done, and I just… I don't think I can go down that rabbit hole again.

"Maybe the _real_ gender was the friends we made along the way."

It's just difficult to take the Catholic Church and its representatives seriously on the subject of wealth. >.>

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