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A computer


A computer connected to a network


The network is the computer


The network is like 30 billion computers and none of them are trustworthy, not even yours

@lotus42 This machine also contains every HD movie or TV episode I've ever purchased or ripped, because I don't fucking trust streaming services.

I’m not asking for much
Just get out of my way
I’m in the eye of the storm
Beautiful blue day

@lotus42 yeah but like… my current Windows gaming machine has something like 10TB of storage space

that's still gotta cost

I heard the white noise
The waves and radiation
They’re falling from the sky

@lotus42 I feel like this is gonna be a while for me yet. I just can’t see investing in enough SSD space to contain all the games I own AND have mirror drives on my next Windows gaming build.

TFW your company’s parent company brags about releasing a product designed to put you out of work. >.>

Just wound up on the jumbotron at a baseball game for the first time in my life. Technically in the background, but hey.

Man, fuck Facebook AND PayPal for this one. The transaction I was making had absolutely nothing to do with Facebook, I don't regularly use Facebook… why the fuck would I want this?

This is an extremely shitty darkpattern. Assholes.

Installing Linux on an old MacBook makes me appreciate how genuinely great macOS is.

Just signed into a computer I haven't touched since 2014, and Safari automatically opened the last websites I had open. 😢

@tewha It's not quite perfect, but it's VERY good. And it's gonna introduce D&D to a lot of young women who aren't gonna put up with shitty male gatekeeping, which I applaud.

why did nobody tell me I misspelled this “showerunner"

WHOOPS just realized I have signed art by Noelle Stevenson (a.k.a. gingerhaze, a.k.a. the showerunner of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power).

I uh… I should possibly get that framed and hung?

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