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Can someone I know go work at Netflix so I can complete my FAANG Pokédex?

If that's the bar, I think I'm ready to have a girlfriend again.

@ishiku no don't retweet this like it's useful advice 😂

A neat side of this is that I seem to have put one VPN tunnel inside of another, and now my brain is broken.

Related pro tip: if you can't download an app heavier than 150 MB on your iPhone's cell connection due to Apple's arbitrary restrictions, simply:

1. Tether your Mac to your phone's Personal Hotspot via USB.
2. Rebroadcast the cell connection via WiFi using the Internet Sharing settings in your Mac's Sharing prefpane.
3. Connect your phone to the new WiFi network.

Voila! Your phone will now happily download the large app via its own rebroadcasted cellular connection.

I can generate an apparently arbitrary number of this div by tapping "Front Desk Chat".

Why is my life like this?

"I'll have the salad."

"Sure, here's your salad."

"Can I have a fork?"

"No, we're out of forks."

"Haha, but seriously."

"No, really, we're out of forks."

…you wanna tell me that BEFORE selling me the salad, pal?

A new episode of MBMBaM is a very good way to start travel into the office on the first day back to work.

Turns out if you kill the root-owned sysmond process used by Activity Monitor, Activity Monitor keeps running but doesn't update because the thing it was getting updates from is gone.

Into the Spider-Verse was pretty good but I'll be honest: I need a Spider-Gwen TV series.

Has anyone here used any paid language learning courses or other methods that they can recommend? Duolingo does not have the language I need: Portuguese as spoken in Portugal.

What I’m looking for most is hearing comprehension and being able to speak reasonably well, being able to make the sounds in Portuguese that we don’t have in English. Reading and writing are less important.

Recommendations welcome. I’m leaning toward Pimsleur.

Works that entered the public domain yesterday include:

• The Prophet, by Kahlil Gibran
• The Inimitable Jeeves, by P.G. Wodehouse
• Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost

These are excellent works, and it's excellent that they're entering the public domain, but the copyright laws that prevented this until now are EXTREMELY STUPID.

Not the most subtle, brain. Thanks for the tip, though.

Dream Report:

My English teacher asked other members of the class to read from a notebook I'd turned in at the beginning of the semester. After a sentence or two, I'd read ahead and judged my own work, but was forced to listen to other students trudge through it anyway.

Teacher: "What's the best thing the author can do here?"

Me, internally: "Cut the piece by about two-thirds."

The class, collectively: "Cut the piece by about two-thirds."

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