Just wanted to let every one know that I have set up my own mastodon instance jxmsocial.xyz/about and moved over there, and will not be using this account anymore,
my new accont is jxm_productions@jxmsocial.xyz

here is a link to it jxmsocial.xyz/@jxm_productions

A little late but at least i didn't forget like yesterday😶 😶 😶

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Just tried to stream splatoon 2 3 different times 1st 2 attempts were supper laggy / framey, and the 3rd attempt was supper blocky, all of them were unlisted, got a lot of work to do over the weakened to sort this and other issues out😐 😑 😑

Great news i just got it working again, think the issue was a bad HDMI cable, i just replaced the one i was using with one that was laying on the floor next to the TV and i immediately got a picture😃 😃 😃

Hay guys just wanted to let you know that i will not be streaming to day, i'm currently having / experiencing technical difficulties specifically i can't get a signal on the TV , like if i set the TV to the HDMI port that the capture card is plugged into i get the message retrieving data, then it immediately goes to a blue screen that says no signal, will see what i can do about it but there probably won't be a stream today😑 😑 😑

Another update on whats been going on with Jxm Productions took a short break from streaming, and while i was gone i started playing ark survival evolved again, and started streaming it, will also be streaming other stuff in the future, and lastly here is the before and after of my desktop and laptop keyboard I've been meaning to post for a while.

Just read the release notes from mastodon witch can be found here: blog.joinmastodon.org/2018/09/ and it looks awesome, love the new video upload limit now i can upload those few and far between fortnite victory royal clips in hd.

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